Learn more about the use of mHealth technology
in the mental health space

Self-care for mental health

Self-care means individuals should develop a healthier lifestyle by paying careful attention to their diet, exercise, and sleeping habits. A person’s lifestyle can have a significant impact on how their mind and body respond to a mental health treatment plan.

Using mHealth solutions for clinical trials

Using mHealth solutions for clinical trials as data-collection tools, can potentially revolutionise clinical research. Wearable devices and mobile health solutions can offer pharmaceutical companies access to additional patient data to provide a more comprehensive overview of safety and efficacy.

Interested in using mHealth technology but don’t know how to start?

Patients value mHealth technology, therefore, the sooner healthcare providers embrace this technology, the better. Fortunately, mHealth technology does not only offer benefits for patients, it also solves many of today’s healthcare challenges, since it provides public and private healthcare providers the scalability to treat more patients with fewer resources.

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