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Stress Awareness Month 2023 - Monsenso

Stress Awareness Month 2023

April is Stress Awareness Month, which aims to shine light on stress and its consequences on our well-being, removing stigma and shame around mental health.  

Stress is our bodies’ and brains’ response to environmental changes or adverse events [1;2]. When we experience a situation that provokes stress in us, we either react to it positively (pro-adaptively) and are able to adjust to the situation well, or we react negatively (maladaptively) and struggle to cope with the situation.

Most people feel stressed at times throughout their life. For some, the stress just lasts for a moment or a short period. For others, it, unfortunately, prevails longer and can have debilitating consequences [3]. Negative responses to stress often present themselves as “a state of worry or […] tension” and can have both physiological and mental effects [1;2]. Chronic stress has not only been identified as a major risk factor for mental illnesses, such as anxiety or depression, but has also been linked to physical illnesses, such as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases [2].

In Denmark, the number of adults experiencing stress has increased significantly over the last few years. In 2021, elevated stress levels were recorded among 29% of the adult population, with 16–24-year-olds being the most affected age group [3].

For some people, practicing mindfulness and making smaller life changes, such as establishing a daily routine, creating better eating habits, and exercising regularly can help alleviate stress levels. For others, when stress becomes chronic and begins affecting one’s mental and physical health, seeking professional help can bring relief and help people improve their well-being.
However, many individuals struggling with their mental health do not seek treatment out of fear of being stigmatized and treated “differently […] or losing their jobs and livelihood” [4].

This is where digital health solutions for mental health offer an opportunity to empower individuals suffering from stress to better manage their own mental health and regain control over how stressful situations impact them. At Monsenso, we have worked with a variety of mental health disorders in both research and clinical settings. Our digital mental health solution has helped many individuals struggling with their mental health to better understand their conditions and live a more independent life. We are proud to support Stress Awareness Month and will continue to spread knowledge about mental health conditions and offer our support to individuals affected.
About Monsenso
Monsenso is an innovative technology company offering a digital health solution used for decentralised trials, remote patient monitoring and treatment support. Our mission is to contribute to improved health for more people at lower costs by supporting treatment digitally and leveraging patient-reported outcomes data. Our solution helps optimise the treatment and gives a detailed overview of an individual’s health through the collection of outcome, adherence, and behavioural data. It connects individuals, carers, and healthcare providers to enable personalised treatment, remote care, and early intervention. We collaborate with health and social care, pharmaceuticals, and leading researcher worldwide in our endeavors to deliver solutions that fit into the life of patients and healthcare professionals. To learn more visit

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