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Learn how to better manage your MENTAL HEALTH

The Monsenso app for individuals can help you increase awareness and learn more about your symptoms to support you and your clinician in the treatment process.

The app can help you play a more active role in your treatment, empowering you to better manage your mental health in between your consultations with healthcare services.

Your self-reported data is shared with your clinician and provides both of you with a clear picture on how your mental health develops.

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Understand your triggers

Get an overview of your mental health development and learn to identify your triggers.

Improve your quality of life

Learn how to better manage your mental health through personalised care plans and relevant exercises.

Engage in your treatment

Help your clinician make the right decisions regarding your care by sharing your health data.

Use direct messaging

Get instant support when in need. Reach out to your clinician directly through the secure in-app messaging feature.


The Monsenso app can help you practice helpful skills in your everyday life.

The app can guide you through relevant exercises and strategies, enabling you to manage your symptoms better.

The app helps you remember medication intake, consultations and preparation for your consultation with your healthcare practitioner.

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To use the Monsenso app for individuals, you need to be invited by your healthcare provider.
We are happy to showcase Monsenso for them.


HOW CAN MONSENSO HELP ME improve my mental health?
  • It provides you and your clinician with a tool to help improve your treatment
  • It can help you increase self-reliance while staying connected to your healthcare provider
  • It helps you understand more about how your day-to-day behaviour influences your mental health
  • It allows you to follow your progress over time and gain insight into your course of illness
  • It provides you with customised care plans for situations in which you feel unwell or find it difficult to cope
  • It reminds you to take your medication
WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THE MONSENSO APP and how much does it cost?

To use the Monsenso app, you will need to be invited by your healthcare provider to create an account. The Monsenso app is free of charge and can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


Your healthcare provider will most likely recommend that you fill out the daily ratings every day. If you forget to complete a daily rating, you have the opportunity to complete up to two ratings retrospectively. The process is very simple, and it will only take you a few minutes. You should answer the questions as truthfully as possible. Your answers can inform decisions about your further treatment, so you can receive the treatment that works best for you.
Other functions in the app, such as tools and care plans, can be used whenever needed.

How can i get my clinician or mentor to use the monsenso app?

If you are interested in getting your clinician or mentor to use the Monsenso app, go to our CONTACT US page, fill in the contact form with your clinician’s or mentor’s details, and we’ll get in touch.


Your health care provider will determine whether sensor data is collected during the period you are using the Monsenso app. The app can then gather sensor data obtained from the sensors built into your smartphone, unless you deactive sensor data collection in the settings. Sensor data collected can include physical activity, social activity, mobility and phone usage.*

* The ability to collect sensor data depends on your phone’s make and model.


Monsenso adheres to the strictest data management protocols, providing you with high levels of confidentiality. If you wish to learn more, please read our Privacy Policy or download our Data Management fact sheet.

The system helps me become more aware of my illness, and helped me learned what triggers my symptoms. It also provides me with useful insights and the things I can do better to have a more stable life.”

Individual with Bipolar Disorder