European community-based intervention project will use Monsenso’s platform to prevent mental illness

Together with a European consortium of partners, Monsenso has received a grant letter on a new community-based intervention project that includes development and trial of a digital health intervention delivered on Monsenso’s platform to prevent mental illness among vulnerable groups.

Global trends such as war, economic crisis, climate changes, migration, pandemics and ageing population place increasing stress and pressure on European societies. To be able to adapt to fast-changing situations, scalable intervention programmes targeted at building resilience and enhancing self-help competency to prevent mental illness are needed.

Upon receiving this grant letter, Monsenso is now entering into grant agreement negotiations with a consortium of leading researchers in clinical psychology, internet-based therapy, AI and community mental health providers across Europe. The aim of the project is to develop and trial an AI-enabled personalised self-care program based on Monsenso’s platform to help prevent mental illness for high-risk groups. The five-year project is anticipated to start in Q2-2023 and is expected to contribute with DKK 5.7 mio to Monsenso.

“This is the second AI-enabled personalised therapy project that we plan to start in the coming year, and it comes after finalising another European research project this year, where results showed significant effect of delivering digital cognitive behavioral therapy for prevention of mental illness. We will build on the evidence and experience of previous projects and further develop our platform to provide personalised, AI-driven digital programs for people at risk of developing mental illness, so that they can get easy and timely access to evidence-based support”, says Thomas Lethenborg, CEO of Monsenso.

Further information on the project including consortium members, funding program and population groups targeted will be communicated upon signature of a grant agreement, which is expected in Q1 of 2023.
About Monsenso
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