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WE CAN HELP YOU solve today’s mental health care challenge

Mental illness is expected to be the largest burden of disease in society in the 2020’s.
Limited global availability of effective mental health treatments and lack of objective measures of response to treatment are some of the barriers in advancing patient outcomes.

To reduce this challenge, it is critical to diagnose and monitor mood disorders using scalable solutions enabling a higher degree of specificity in mental health diagnoses and timely detection of clinical deterioration.

Monsenso offers a digital health solution with remote patient monitoring, improving insights into patients’ symptoms, adherence, and outcomes, hereby serving as a tool for prevention, early intervention and personalised treatment support.

Partner with us to help your clients solve their mental healthcare challenges by offering them cost-efficient, scalable, and easy-to-use solution.
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Enables prevention and early intervention

Remote patient monitoring tools help in the preventation, early intervention and treatment of mental or behavioral disorders, which helps your clients reduce costs.

Comprehensive real-world data collection

Data collected by the smartphone’s sensors, the self-assessments and the clinical questionnaires can be viewed and analysed easily, optimising the clinician’s time.

Improves patient-reported outcomes

Our solution helps your clients’s patients to remain engaged in their treatment, learn more about their health, and it teaches them self-care.


  • May reduce the number of hospital readmissions
  • Facilitates early intervention
  • Supports remote care
  • Enables flexible consultations based on need
  • Can help optimise the collaboration between the patients and the clinic
  • Enables clinicians to be better prepared for a consultation
  • Helps decrease the number of cancellation

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COMPLIANce, security and scalability

Monsenso adheres to the highest security standards. Our solution is a CE-marked,  Class 1 Medical Device that holds the Cyber Essentials Certification. Monsenso A/S is certified in ISO 13485 and ISO 27001. Read more on Monsenso’s privacy policy here.

Our solution is highly scalable for global R&D projects. It can be used by small clinics, large hospitals and health systems in 10 languages.  We can configure it to your specific requirements and deliver it as a white-label product.

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