Our company

We’re empowering individuals, carers and
clinicians to do great things together

Mission & Vision


We aim to inspire and empower individuals, healthcare providers, researchers, and help provide better mental healthcare, to more people at a lower cost through an evidence-based mHealth solution.


To be a a global leading provider of mHealth solutions for mental health with a simple and scalable product that uses data-driven intelligence in diagnosis, prevention, and treatment

Our values

To inspire

To inspire

Individuals, clinicians, carers, researchers and payers, colleagues and business partners

To inspire

To challenge

Mental health treatment, processes, business practices, partnerships and customer expectations
To inspire

To be reliable

Exceed customer and partners expectations and continue building a solution we are proud of
To inspire

To be simple

Offer an easy-to-use solution that is based on technology that is simple and scalable

Management team