Monsenso enables personalised care beyond the pill and
value demonstration to payers by capturing patient data
across their care journey

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Monsenso’s digital companion solution accompanies new treatments, while complementing existing care pathways.

Our solution enables education about a new treatment, direct communication and data sharing to support the identification of treatment responders, high volume prescribers and outcomes to facilitate value-based agreements.

Our solution is a CE Class 1 medical device that captures ePRO, symptom and wearable device data to provide a holistic view of the patient journey. 

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Monsenso enables personalised support and patient data capture throughout the care journey. 


Collect self-reported data and provide patients with tools to practice helpful skills in day-to-day life and promote medical adherence enabling them to better manage their condition between consultations.


Provide clinicians with insights into patients’ symptoms, adherence and outcomes to demonstrate the value of a treatment in a transparent way.

Health systems/payers

Demonstrate real-world value to regulators and payers to support coverage, differentiate from existing treatments, 
value-based reimbursement and label expansion.


Data collection

Track participant data using clinical questionnaires, eDiary, Ecological Momentary Assessments together with sensor based data and data on usage-patterns.

Direct messaging

Patients can get immediate support when needed by contacting their clinician through the secure in-app messaging feature.

Visualisation and feedback

Patients can track their progress through visualisations and receive motivational feedback, improving treatment adherence.

Psychoeducation and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Patients can learn how to better manage their mental health through personalised care plans and relevant exercises.

Medication reminders

Provide patients with information on their medication and reminders to promote adherence.

Task Reminders

In-app reminders and key actions to improve treatment adherence.

Prepare for the consultation

Guide the patient through the treatment pathway. Help the patient prepare for treatment at home or in clinic (e.g. clinical questionnaires, note taking).

Platform integration

Based on open standards allowing to integrate with a wide range of data sources, such as connected devices, wearables, and phone sensors.

Easy recruitment

Send screening questionnaires, invite trial participants remotely with customised study information and assign trial participants to groups and protocols.


Enables participants to understand the study and their role, and provide informed consent to take part remotely

Investigator forms

Records HCP/ investigator notes or observations throughout the study (coming soon)

Direct messaging

Provide timely support to participants remotely, reducing the number of unplanned site visits and potential dropouts.

Site dashboard and Visualization

See individual trail participant adherence to the study plan and get insights into health outcomes through historical aggregation of health and behavioural data.

Audit trail

Get full traceability of the "who", "what" "when" and "where" during your studies (coming soon).

Platform integration

Based on open standards that allow integration with a variety of data sources, such as connected devices, wearables, and phone sensors.


Monsenso’s digital companion solution complements existing therapies and care pathways by empowering patients to better understand and manage their mental health between clinical visits. 

Monsenso enables direct communication and data sharing between all life sciences stakeholders, enabling a personalised medication and treatment approach and improving treatment adherence.

The opportunity in digital engagement


The lack of understanding of patients’ needs and wishes is often a barrier to Life Sciences companies looking to better engage patients and develop medications that impact on outcomes that matter to them[1].

Our solution

Our solution provides a platform to capture patient-generated data, allowing critical insights on patients’ unmet needs and real-world outcomes to inform drug development trials, new product launches and identify support needed beyond medication.

Predicting treatment response

Treatment response varies across patients. Early detection of improvements in symptoms that could predict recovery may have significant clinical implications[2].

Our solution

Our solution allows HCPs to monitor patients’ symptoms and progression, identify treatment responders and non-responders, and consider based on data, whether a treatment could be optimised, augmented or switched to improve patient outcomes.

Patient access during the pandemic

As face-to-face clinical visits remain a challenge during the pandemic1, digital tools are critical to launching new medications and reaching HCPs and patients without delay [3].

Our solution

Our solution enables HCPs to onboard patients onto a new medication remotely, and prescribe with confidence, having access to real-time patient insights on its tolerability and effectiveness in the real world.

Medication adherence

Medication non-adherence is unfortunately common, especially amongst patients with mental illness[4]. Some common reasons for non-adherence include fear of potential side effects, lack of understanding about the need for the medicine, and the time it takes to see results[5]

Our solution

Our solution allows patients to learn about the medicine, report on outcomes that matter to them, and track their disease progression to measure the impact of medication throughout their care journey in a transparent way.


Therapeutic expertise

Monsenso is proud to offer expertise in a number of therapeutic areas within the mental health domain, supporting both daily clinical practice as well as clinical trials.

Track record

Extensive track record in global deployments within academia, healthcare, social care and pharmaceutical companies across a variety of mental health disorders.

Scalable solution, fast deployment

A configurable, customisable cloud-based SaaS solution, that can be quickly configured to meet the needs of the target patient population and care pathway.

Regulatory, data privacy & security

Monsenso adheres to the highest security standards. CE-marked as Class 1 Medical Device, Cyber Essentials certified and ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 compliant.



Our expert team is ready to demonstrate the Monsenso digital companion solution and to answer any questions you might have.

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“Monsenso allows me to monitor patients more closely; their ups and downs. I am following them from the side-lines, and that is very reassuring for the patients”