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Monsenso enables the remote collection of patient-
generated data and device-generated data from
clinical, post-approval to real-world studies

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The Monsenso solution empowers CROs and pharmaceutical companies to capture real-world data, revealing insights that could enhance a trial’s efficacy and speed up the drug development process.

As our agile solution enables you to remotely assess all your subjects 24/7 across the product life cycle.

Our digital health solution enables the remote collection of patient-generated data and device-generated data from clinical, post-approval to real-world studies.

Monsenso is a CE Class 1 medical device that securely captures patient data using ePRO and a suite of sensors and wearables to provide a more holistic view of patients’ journey. 

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Real-World Evidence generation

Monsenso enables real-world evidence (RWE) generation through patient-generated & device-generated data collection across the product life cycle.

Clinical Development

Enable patient-centred drug development with our solutions to impact outcomes that matter to patients. Our solutions are developed with and for patients with mental health and psychiatric conditions to reduce their burden of contributing to research.

Post-Market Studies

Equip global, multi-centre, non-interventional, longitudinal studies with our solutions to measure safety and efficacy, describe patient, drug use, and clinical development across treatment pathways in real-world medical and clinical practice for regulators.

Companion Products

Engage patients with our solutions to enable personalised care, education, self-management, behavioral change, symptom and disease progression monitoring, and medication adherence. Demonstrate value to patients, prescribing physicians and payers.

Digital Biomarkers, Digital Therapeutics & Personalised Medicine

Enhance the development and validation of digital endpoints, biomarkers, therapeutics, and pharmacogenomics testing  in the real-world setting using our capabilities for continuous stream of active and passive patient data capture.



Enables participants to understand the study and their role, and provide informed consent to take part remotely.


Track participant data using clinical questionnaires, eDiary, Ecological Momentary Assessments together with sensor based data and data on usage-patterns.

Visualisation and feedback

Trial participants can follow their progress through visualisations and get motivational feedback improving protocol compliance.

Direct messaging

Provide timely support to participants remotely, reducing the number of unplanned site visits and potential dropouts.

Medication reminders

Provide patients with information on their medication, reminders to promote adherence and access care at home or in-clinic.

Protocol Reminders

To ensure protocol compliance, study participants receive notifications and reminders to complete study tasks and site visit.

Patient engagement tools

Engage trial participants through challenges, tools and psychoeducational materials to promote treatment compliance and reduce drop-outs.

Platform integration

Based on open standards allowing to integrate with a wide range of data sources, such as connected devices, wearables, and phone sensors.

Easy recruitment

Send screening questionnaires, invite trial participants remotely with customised study information and assign trial participants to groups and protocols.


Enables participants to understand the study and their role, and provide informed consent to take part remotely

Investigator forms

Records HCP/ investigator notes or observations throughout the study (coming soon)

Direct messaging

Provide timely support to participants remotely, reducing the number of unplanned site visits and potential dropouts.

Site dashboard and Visualization

See individual trail participant adherence to the study plan and get insights into health outcomes through historical aggregation of health and behavioural data.

Audit trail

Get full traceability of the "who", "what" "when" and "where" during your studies (coming soon).

Platform integration

Based on open standards that allow integration with a variety of data sources, such as connected devices, wearables, and phone sensors.

The opportunity in real-world data collection

Real world data capture

While RCTs are critical to determining the safety and efficacy of a treatment on a defined population within a controlled design, the usage, safety, and effectiveness of a treatment within a more heterogeneous population in the real-world remains to be demonstrated to regulators[1] and payers[2].

Our solution

Our platform empowers RWE generation through remote collection of patient-generated and device-generated data across the product life cycle on patients’ safety, quality of life, as well as functional outcomes critical to regulators and payers.

Value-based agreements

As value-based contracting becomes more common, especially for costly and prevalent mental health conditions, understanding the value of drugs to patients is crucial. Most EHRs lack patient-reported outcomes on symptoms, functions, treatment adherence and quality of life, missing critical information from the patient’s perspective[3] that could demonstrate the success and value of a treatment[4].

Our solution

Through remote collection of patient-reported outcomes on symptoms, functions, treatment adherence and quality of life in real-world settings, our platform enables Life Sciences companies to demonstrate the value of their medication to patients in a transparent way to payers and providers.

Medication adherence

About half of patients with major psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia, major depressive disorders and bipolar disorders do not adhere to their medication[7]. This delays recovery, increases the risk of hospitalisations and length of hospital stays, costing billions to payers[8].

Our solution

Our digital companion solution provides patients with information on their medication, reminds them to take their medication, and guides them along their treatment plan to promote adherence and recovery.

New drug launches

About 2/3 of new drugs fail to see sales expectations in the first year on the market[5]. Nearly half of these launches failed due to a lack of understanding of treatment responders or types of HCPs who would be high or low prescribers for the new drug, or underestimation of the difficulty to convert patients and HCPs from existing treatments, especially when generics are available[6].

Our solution

Our digital companion solution allows remote patient monitoring to identify treatment responders, educate clinicians and patients about the new medication and demonstrate its value based on real-world patient-generated data on quality of life and functional outcomes.


Therapeutic expertise

7 years of clinical experience within mental health and psychiatric disorders, amongst others: depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, addiction and substance abuse.

Track record

Extensive track record in global deployment within academia, healthcare, social care and pharmaceutical companies across a variety of mental health disorders.

Scalable for fast deployment

A configurable, customisable cloud-based/SaaS solution, that can be quickly configured to meet the needs of the target patient population and care pathway.

Regulatory, data privacy & security

Protocols designed to meet regulatory requirements. CE-marked as Class 1 Medical Device, TGA and Cyber Essentials certified and ISO 13485 and ISO 27001.


Our expert team is ready to demonstrate the Monsenso real-world data collection solution and to answer any questions you might have.

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When you have a mental illness you need to pay attention to your lifestyle in order to have a good life. Monsenso is very helpful, it reminds me to take my medication and provides me with an overview of my triggers and warning signs”

Patient with bipolar disorder