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Improve the way you work with your mental health patients - Monsenso

Improve the way you work with your mental health patients

Mobile health technology can be used to support important decision making in diagnosis and treatment, especially in the field of mental health. It can empower patients by involving them in their own treatment and by providing them with the tools needed to help them manage their own disorder. Monsenso is leading the way in making technology an integral and useful part of mental health treatment.

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Imagine a session with your patient in which you have an overall picture of their mood, sleep, and medication adherence and can ask questions relating to their current mental state.  You can view patient self-assessment data that will give you a better idea of how they have been doing day-to-day, giving you a better understanding of their mood over time. With this, your questions in the session can be more relevant, and you can more quickly identify important topics.

What you just read is a possibility when taking advantage of today’s technology. In the Monsenso app, patients are asked to fill out a quick, daily self-assessment or weekly questionnaires. They may for instance be asked to rate their sleep, mood or activity. They will be able to follow their own progress and become more aware of how the choices they make impact their mental state. What is more is that you can see exactly what your patients input through accessing the clinical web-portal. This knowledge can help you in the process of diagnosing or finding the most effective medication for an individual more quickly. Clinicians using the system say that the solution can be compared to a “mental X-ray,” which may even allow you to do early interventions, as you can see which patients are beginning to experience a negative state or even a relapse.

One healthcare professional who uses the Monsenso solution says: “During conversations with my patients, I always start with the data in the system. It is a great icebreaker that allows me to skip asking certain questions. Now, our conversations are facilitated by the information available in the system.”

The Monsenso solution empowers patients to be more involved in their own treatment. In between sessions they may use relevant features when they are facing a challenging situation, whether it is restructuring negative thoughts using our mobile CBT thought feature or learning more about their disorder or treatment plan in the psychoeducation library.

A patient living with bipolar disorder finds the solution beneficial in managing their disorder: “It made me more aware of how my sleep pattern influences my mood. In my life with this disorder I see myself as a tightrope walker, and this metaphor for living with bipolar disorder is very meaningful. You have to prevent losing control either to depression or to mania. You are able to avoid that by earlier registration on how your mood is fluctuating, so therefore the app helps to keep you in control of your life…”

We believe it is time for technology to ease the burden on clinicians and provide opportunities that are not available when everything is handled in the old paper-pencil way. If you too think technology needs to become more widely used in the treatment and is ready to embrace it, Monsenso will be there helping you all the way.