Provide more efficient and patient-centred care
by retrieving important health-related data
from your patients’ smartphones

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Monsenso digital health solution is a cloud-based solution for mental health professionals that allows you to monitor patients in an easy and cost-efficient way remotely.
It provides you with a visualisation of your patients’ data captured from their smartphone, pointing out those areas that may require medical attention or changes in the current treatment plan.

The data captured on your patients’ smartphones can help you to personalise treatment plans further, so the right individuals receive the right treatment at the right time.

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Remote monitoring  

Provide remote, blended care and early intervention based on the health data gathered through your patients’ smartphones.


Get continuous insight into symptoms, adherence and outcomes through self-reported data and sensor data.

Efficient triage

Remotely identify the patients in need of care and provide the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

Patient engagement

Encourages patient engagement while empowering patients to manage their mental health better.

MULTIPLE benefits

  • Can help avoid hospital readmissions
  • Can help optimise the collaboration between the patients and the clinic
  • Enables clinicians to be better prepared for a consultation
  • Facilitates early intervention
  • Enables flexible consultations based on need
  • Can help increase adherence to treatment and medication

COMPLIANce, security and scalability

Monsenso adheres to the highest security standards. Our solution is a CE-marked,  Class 1 Medical Device that holds the TGA Certification and Cyber Essentials Certification. Monsenso A/S is certified in ISO 13485 and ISO 27001. Read more on Monsenso’s privacy policy here.

Our solution is highly scalable for global R&D projects. It can be used by small clinics, large hospitals and health systems in 10 languages.  We can configure it to your specific requirements and deliver it as a white-label product.

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During conversations with my patients, I always start with the data in the system. It’s a great icebreaker”