The Monsenso Web Portal for Clinicians

Retrieve important health-related data from your patients’ smartphones and provide remote care

Provide more efficient and patient-centred care

The Monsenso mHealth solution for mental health professionals was developed in collaboration with clinical experts specialising in mental health and their patients. Since it is a cloud-based solution, it can be accessed anytime anywhere with an active internet connection.

At Monsenso, our goal is to foster a shared understanding between individuals and clinicians, in order to help them focus on what matters most. The solution encourages patients to become more engaged in their treatment. This is done by enabling patients follow their own progress, provide them with tools for practicing helpful skills in their everyday lives, and reminding them to take their medication.

The solution allows you to remotely monitor patients  in an easy and cost-efficient way, as it provides a visualisation of their data over time. It can also point out those areas that may require more medical attention or changes in the current treatment plan. The Monsenso mHealth solution can help you to personalise treatment plans, so that the right individuals receive the right treatment at the right time.

The Monsenso mhealth solution
patient-reported outcomes

patient-reported outcomes

Our solution encourages patients to become more engaged in their treatment and follow their progress.
CLINICAL decision support

CLINICAL decision support

Make better decisions regarding a patient’s treatment based on high-quality historical and aggregated data.


Prioritise the treatment of the patients who need urgent care by identifying their triggers and warning signs.


Provide remote care to all your patients based on the  health-data gathered through their smartphones.

Can help reduce costs and improve health outcomes

  • May reduce the number of hospital readmissions
  • Can help optimise the collaboration between the patients and the clinic
  • Enables clinicians to be better prepared for a consultation
  • Facilitates early intervention
  • Supports remote care
  • Enables flexible consultations based on need
  • Can help decrease administration costs
  • May decrease the number of cancellations
Monsenso mhealth solution
The Monsenso mHealth solution is secure and scalable



The Monsenso platform adheres to the highest security standards in Europe. Since it is highly scalable, can be used by small clinics, large hospitals, trusts or healthcare regions. Furthermore, it can also be configured to suit individual clinics and disorders.


The smartphone app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and the App Store. The clinical web portal can be accessed from any web browser, and due to its intuitive interface, it does not require any special training.


“It allows me to monitor patients more closely; their ups and downs, enabling me to intervene before they become really ill. I am following them from the side-lines, and that is very reassuring for the patients.”- Nurse
“The system provides me with more insights on how a patient is feeling and it supports a much faster intervention. It is very satisfying being able to help patients and prevent them from being hospitalised.” – Psychiatrist
“During conversations with my patients, I always start with the data in the system. It is a great icebreaker that I don’t need to question them anymore; now, our conversations are facilitated by the information available in the system.”- Nurse