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UK hospital implements mHealth solution for borderline and depression patients

UK-based hospital implements mHealth solution for borderline and depression patients

Copenhagen, Denmark – 27 January 2015. Monsenso, a Copenhagen-based technology company, announced today that UK-based, St Andrew’s Healthcare, will implement a new mHealth solution for borderline and depression patients. The mHealth solution, designed and developed by Monsenso, will be used to support the person-centred treatment of inpatients.

Thomas Lethenborg, CEO at Monsenso ApS, said that St Andrew’s will conduct a six-month service evaluation feasibility study to determine if the mHealth solution for borderline and depression patients should also be used to help treat other mental health illnesses.

“St Andrew’s Healthcare has a commitment to providing the best inpatient and outpatient mental health services in the UK. With the implementation of the Monsenso mHealth solution, clinicians will have access to patient’s historical aggregated data that will help clinical staff in the treatment of complex mental health illnesses,” Mr Lethenborg added.

St Andrew’s Healthcare Director of Nursing and Quality, Lesley Boswell said the trial would allow them to investigate how real-time mood monitoring could be used to enhance patient care.

“We are continuously looking to improve our understanding of patient experiences and this technology will help us to access previously hidden mood signals. With a bit of configuration, our aim is to use the technology to help support the therapies and treatment we currently provide to our patients, with views to expanding the programme to other care pathways in the future,” said Ms Boswell.

The Monsenso mHealth solution for borderline and depression is based on a double-loop treatment model. On one side, patients use a smartphone to fill in routine self-assessments that reveal their current state of mind and collect sensor data.  The smartphone app also works as a self-management tool that allows patients to manage their symptoms and the behaviours that trigger those symptoms.

On the other side, clinicians use a web portal where they can access all the data collected by the patients’ smartphones anytime, anywhere. The web portal enables clinicians to view relevant information related to each patient.

With more than 4000 employees, St Andrew’s Healthcare delivers effective treatment, therapies, clinical consultancy, vocational rehabilitation and outpatient care across its four sites. The charity provides specialist and secure care pathways in mental health and neuropsychiatry and provides care for young people, adults, and seniors.

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