Private Swedish psychiatric clinic adopts mHealth solution for depression treatment

Private Swedish psychiatric clinic adopts mHealth solution for depression treatment

Copenhagen, Denmark – 13 December 2016. Monsenso, an innovation leader in mobile health (mHealth) technology for mental health, announced today that Psykiatriresurs, a private practice clinic in Gothenburg, Sweden, will implement the Monsenso mHealth solution for depression treatment.

The private clinic, which offers psychological and neuropsychiatric services, provides mental health treatment to 600 individuals with depression, anxiety, personality disorders and ADHD. In addition to these patients,  Psykiatriresurs will soon open a second clinic with a similar capacity, in Varberg, 80 km South of Gothenburg.

To start with, the mHealth solution for depression will be used by 250 patients, although Dr. Kristoffer Södersten, Director of the clinic, has plans to roll it out to all patients across both clinics.

“With this new technology, we want to raise the bar on the mental health treatment offered around the different private clinics in Sweden, and with the Monsenso mHealth solution we will be able to go a step further by reaching out to our patients when they need it the most. At  Psykiatriresurs  we are constantly looking to improve our patients’ experience, and our aim is to use the technology to improve and personalise even more of the treatments we currently provide to our patients,” said Dr. Södersten.

The mHealth solution for depression will be used by the clinicians to support the personalised treatment of individuals with this disorder. With the web portal, they will be able to identify the triggers and early-warning signs of all patients and schedule emergency consultations when needed.

Thomas Lethenborg, CEO at Monsenso, said “With the implementation of the Monsenso mHealth solution for depression, clinicians at  Psykiatriresurs  will have access to real-time patient monitoring and their patients’ historical data, which will help them make better decisions in regards to clinical treatment.”

Patients will use a smartphone app to collect sensor data and fill in routine self-assessments that reveal their current state of mind. The smartphone app also works as a self-management tool that allows patients to manage their symptoms.

Clinicians will use a web portal where they can access all the data collected by the patients’ smartphones, anytime, anywhere. The web portal enables clinicians to view relevant information related to each patient.

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