Research project HedaX aims to develop a new platform to securely handle health data

Research project HedaX aims to develop a new platform to securely handle health data

Copenhagen Demark – 22 June 2020. The Research Project HedaX received EUR 16 million from the Danish Innovation Fund to develop a digital platform that can securely collect and exchange health data. This tool will provide researchers with the basis to offer better, personalised medicine.

In the current world situation, the spread of a new virus has fatal consequences for society. The spread of infection can be curbed by collecting and exchanging data, although this raises the concern that it may compromise an individual’s privacy; therefore, there is a need to find a digital solution where the exchange of deeply personal health data is exchanged anonymously and securely.



The HedaX project will initially test the solution in two pilot projects that involve 1,000 cancer patients and 1,000 people with bipolar disorder. The goal is to use this new health data to gain insight into how the treatment is helping patients.

The high-level goal is to demonstrate that sharing personal health data can help develop better-personalised care while making good sense in terms of health.

The HedaX project involves ten public and private partners that will work together to develop a platform that ensures health data is securely collected and exchanged between individuals, healthcare professionals, and researchers.

The data collected by the solution would include an individual’s medical history, medication compliance, and personal sensor data, such as the data collected by fitness apps.

The analysis of this data should provide a basis for better and cheaper treatment in the form of personalised medicine.  The platform should also be used to monitor in a confidential way the spread of an infection so that it is possible to identify where the infected individuals are located, without knowing who they are.

The newly developed platform should include the latest and most secure data encryption from various sources, such as the individual’s mobile phone, to the Social Security Registry and government’s databases.

Individuals should be able to get an overview and insight into the data that is being used, the entity using the data, and its purpose.

The Monsenso mHealth solution will be used to collect objective and subjective data from 1,000 individuals with bipolar disorder. The data will be anonymized and incorporated to the Registry data and EMR data to provide a new foundation for deep phenotyping, personalised medicine and overall understanding of real-life drug effectiveness.

“During the past five years, the Monsenso mHealth solution has been used in different research projects around the world to securely collect and share data between individuals with a mental illness and their healthcare professional. The scope of the project is rather familiar to us, and we are looking forward to participating in this project and helping individuals maintain their privacy while their data is safely collected and used to improve future treatments,” says Thomas Lethenborg, CEO of Monsenso.


The HedaX partners:

Secata is a pioneer in the commercial application of advanced encryption for data sharing. Their technology is based on more than 20 years of groundbreaking research in secure multiparty computation.

The Data for Good Foundation is a newly established foundation with non-profit purposes, based on GDPR legislation, that helps individuals share and retain control over their data.

DataFair is an entrepreneurial company with a particular focus on data-driven innovation and personalised medicine based on Denmark’s reliable health data.

The Alexandra Institute works with applied research in the field of digitisation and has helped develop encryption technology within the health sector.

The Danish Cancer Society is Denmark’s largest patient organisation.

Lundbeck is a Danish pharmaceutical company working on the development of pharmaceuticals within psychiatry and neurology.

Monsenso is a Danish company that develops mobile health solutions that help individuals collect information on their mobile phone to use it for prevention and treatment.

The Danish Capital Healthcare Region (Region H) offers Monsenso’s solution to patients within psychiatry.

DPO Management advises on secure and confidential sharing of data with a focus on GDPR rules.

Clinical Epidemiological Department at Aarhus University works with analysis of health data.

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Monsenso’s IPO offering was oversubscribed by 238%

Monsenso’s IPO offering was oversubscribed by 238%

Copenhagen Demark – 3 June 2020. Monsenso A/S today announced the result of the new share offering in connection with the IPO on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark.

Monsenso’s IPO offering was oversubscribed by 238%, which means that the company offer of DKK 16-20 million new shares was extremely well received by both professional and private investors, which together have subscribed for DKK 47,504,123, corresponding to the maximum offering.

The subscription period closed on 29 May 2020 at 23:59 hrs. CEST time. The company’s offering of up to 3,773,585 shares, at a price of DKK 5.30 per share has come to an end and will provide the company with gross proceeds of DKK 20 million and result in a market cap of DKK 70.04 million.

Monsenso received subscriptions from 2,219 investors for a total of 8,963,042 shares corresponding to the offering being oversubscribed by a total of 238%.

The first trading day on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark is expected to be on 10 June 2020.

CEO Thomas Lethenborg, Monsenso said:

“The IPO offering was very well received by professional and private investors, including great participation in our online investor meetings. We have now received the necessary funding to strengthen our sales efforts, customer support, and to further develop our mHealth solution for mental health. We now have to live up to the trust and expectations coming from our 2,219 new shareholders. We look forward to being a listed company and welcoming the continued support from our many new shareholders.”

Summary of the Offer:

  • Monsenso issued 3,773,585 new shares at a subscription price of DKK 5.30 per share, which gives gross proceeds of DKK 20.0 million
  • Based on the offer price, Monsenso’s market cap is now DKK 70.05 million
  • Free float (the proportion of the share capital owned by the new shareholders) is 27.05%
  • Due to the great interest in the offering, all orders up to and including DKK 150,000 have been allocated 720 shares plus 20% of the number of shares subscribed for in addition to the 720 shares
  • All orders over DKK 150,000 have been reduced individually based on the company’s assessment
  • All pre-offering subscribers have received a full allocation.

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Thomas Lethenborg
CEO Monsenso

Interview with Monsenso’s Chairman Jukka Pertola

Interview with Monsenso’s Chairman Jukka Pertola

Q&A with Monsenso’s Chairman Jukka Pertola

Describe your role in the company
“I joined the company because I have an understanding of IT and software and long-standing experience of working on different boards. When a small company like Monsenso is going public, all the governance structures need to be in place, and that is where I come in. I have previously taken GomSpace to First North in Stockholm. When I joined GomSpace as Chairman of the Board, there were 30 employees, and today they are 150 with a sizeable turnover.”

What is your most important contribution as Chairman of the Board?
“My most important contribution as the Chairman of the Board will be to establish a solid governance structure for when the company goes public. It is my goal to ensure that Monsenso is successfully noted on Nasdaq First North Growth Market this summer.”

 Why did you choose Monsenso?
“Monsenso is an exciting, small company that works within a field where the demand for smart IT-solutions is enormous. The company has a clear positive impact and a very well-defined purpose, and I am proud of the of it, that is why I chose to become the chairman.

Besides, mental health problems are widespread, and according to many publications, hospitals lack the capacity and resources to treat people with mental health problems adequately.

Healthcare professionals need new and effective tools to improve patient-clinician communication and to optimize treatment, and that is a mission I am happy to help support. The pending stock exchange listing will raise capital to the future growth and Monsenso has a significant global potential with it’s certified mobile health solution.”

Can you say a few words about your relationship with Monsenso’s  CEO and CSO
“I know Monsenso’s CEO, Thomas Lethenborg from Siemens, where we worked together closely. Thomas is a competent and experienced leader with a comprehensive understanding of IT and technology, including software services. I believe he is right for Monsenso, and I am looking forward to taking the company public this summer.

I also have a deep trust in Jakob Bardram, who is a respected professor at DTU, and the CTO of Monsenso. Jakob and I have also worked closely, during my time at Siemens. Jakob combines technical knowledge with a deep understanding of mental healthcare, ensuring that Monsenso’s mHealth solution is research-based and certified.”

Why did Monsenso decide to go public during the Corona crisis?
“It is a very uncertain market at the moment, and many companies are postponing their listings. However, since physical contact and doctor’s appointments are minimal at the moment,  all types of mobile health solutions are in high demand, and the Monsenso mHealth solution is a fantastic tool for mental healthcare professionals. Furthermore, when the world is becoming more uncertain and volatile, and we are subject to being somehow isolated in our homes, the need for mental health solutions like the one offered by Monsenso will increase. That is why we are maintaining our plans of going public in June.”

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Jennifer Highland
Marketing, Monsenso

Monsenso applies for inclusion on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark

Monsenso applies for inclusion on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark – 11 May  2020 – Monsenso has published today a company description detailing the company’s share offer and its plans to trade on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark.

Monsenso’s mobile health solution for mental health is going public, and private Danish investors are invited to participate in Monsenso’s global expansion.

With a scalable and highly sought-after solution within mobile healthcare, Danish company Monsenso has managed to deliver growth in revenue, increase the number of customers, and deliver profits. Now the success must continue globally, which is why Monsenso decided to list on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark. This will allow Danish private investors to join Monsenso’s global expansion of a clinically validated and certified mobile health solution.

The Monsenso mHealth solution has improved the treatment and quality of life for thousands of people affected by mental illness. It has estimated that the number of potential users in Europe alone, is 125 million people, who are affected by mental illness every year. The solution hits a market for mobile healthcare solutions, which is expected to increase on average 40% per year during the upcoming years.

Thomas Lethenborg, CEO of Monsenso, says:

“Our decision to go public has brought positive response both from customers, potential investors, and from the entire team, who has worked hard to get here. I am particularly pleased with the support; we have received from the 40 investors who have made prior commitments to buy shares. This includes Monsenso’s management, the board and employees, who have decided to be co-investors on the journey that we are now beginning.

We have succeeded in establishing ourselves as a strong player in new exciting markets, and now we can develop the company further for the benefit of our users, customers, employees, as well as our shareholders.

The planned IPO is an important milestone in Monsenso’s development. The IPO gives the company a stronger foundation for the continued development of its solution as well as a stronger sales and support set-up. It  strengthens Monsenso’s potential to grow in mHealth market, which is expected to grow significantly during the upcoming years”.

The Company Description, the brochure, as well as further information is available for Denmark-based investors on and potential investors can register for one of the virtual investor meetings on

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CEO Thomas Lethenborg
Tel: +45  21 29 88 27

Monsenso is ready for the stock exchange, after continuous growth for several years

Monsenso is ready for the stock exchange, after continuous growth for several years

Copenhagen, Denmark – 28 April  2020 – Danish start-up Monsenso is ready for the stock exchange after continuous growth for several years, with its easily scalable and highly demanded mobile health solution for mental healthcare. The Danish start-up Monsenso has managed to deliver growth in revenue, increase its number of customers, and deliver profits.

Monsenso will now leverage this momentum and invite Danish investors on its upcoming global growth journey.

With a certified and scalable mobile health solution, Monsenso’s technology has proven to be a useful tool to achieve better mental health for more people, with significantly lower costs to society as a result.

The demand for the Monsenso mHealth solution is high, and at the same time, the competitive situation is exceptionally favourable. The Monsenso solution is clinically validated, and thus, it differs significantly from the many stand-alone apps that are available online.

Today, the Monsenso mHealth solution has been deployed to 10 different countries. Now, it has the opportunity to scale up further to more markets, as satisfied customers increase their orders, and new customers sign up.

Growth Plan

Monsenso expects to double its revenue in the coming financial year from DKK 9 million in 2020 to DKK 18.5 million in 2021, and accomplish a revenue of DKK 75 million by 2024.

With the IPO, Monsenso aims to raise a total of DKK 20 million to finance the company’s continued growth journey, expand the organization, and be able to scale up the business further in line with growing demand.

Monsenso has chosen to be admitted to trading at NASDAQ First North GM Copenhagen because broader ownership, as well as the transparency and responsibility that the acquisition entails, will make Monsenso a more attractive partner for its customers.

Corona crisis increases the need for the Monsenso mHealth solution

The current global corona crisis is increasing the demand for Monsenso’s mHealth solution because the technology provides an effective solution to the problems faced due to the isolation experienced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

The crisis and the accompanying quarantine measures are spurring people to embrace mobile solutions even more. Digitalization has taken a massive leap in a very short time, and mHealth solutions and well as telemedicine portals will be in high-demand.

Monsenso presents this Intention to Float, paving the way for a listing on NASDAQ First North GM in Copenhagen before summer. Monsenso’s management looks forward to this milestone for the company.

CEO Thomas Lethenborg: “Monsenso’s mHealth solution is hitting a huge and unmet global need to help treat mental disorders. With our strong research foundation and a demonstrated proof of business for private and public players, we believe that the time is right to raise funds and continue our global expansion.”

Chairman Jukka Pertola: “The corona crisis is clearly showing that mobile health solutions work well and that there is a great need in the market. When, during a crisis like corona, physical contact is not possible, mobile health solutions like Monsenso’s are needed even more. That’s why we stick to our plans for a stock exchange listing. “

CTO Jakob Bardram: “Monsenso offers clinicians an easy-to-use tool to monitor patients remotely. With continuous real-time feedback of data, treatment can be tailored for each patient; this results in a more optimal treatment at a lower cost. In the next phase, we will make the solution more scalable and increase the content of the treatment to meet increasing demand.”


Monsenso has entered into a long-term partnership with one of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical companies to use Monsenso’s healthcare solution to support product launches in select countries in Europe.

Monsenso also collaborates with several customers in Denmark and the UK, including the Capital Region, a number of Danish municipalities, and Exeter University.

In the coming years, Monsenso wants to expand and strengthen its market position, and constantly invest in making the solution more configurable with new treatment options, in order to meet the growing demand from more mental disorders.

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University of Exeter partners with mHealth provider Monsenso in dementia research project.

University of Exeter partners with mHealth provider Monsenso in dementia research project.

Copenhagen, Denmark – 25 March 2019. The University of Exeter, supported by the South West Academic Health Science Network, has partnered with Danish mobile health provider Monsenso in ‘The MOVE Study’ (formerly known as The Klick Project), a research project that aims to review how the Monsenso Solution can be used to support individuals to engage in healthy behaviours that could make a difference to their risk of getting dementia. The Monsenso Solution is a mobile platform, where the individual is prompted with daily self-assessments, weekly clinical scales, while sensor data is collected via the phone. Moreover, it connects the individual and clinician, visualising individual-reported data for both parties and facilitates the possibility of providing patients with relevant information to handle specific challenges that may impact their wellbeing.

Both from a societal and a clinical standpoint, the burden of dementia is a growing challenge. The number of people affected by dementia worldwide will reach 75 million people in 2030. In the UK, for example, Dementia UK estimated that approximately 850,000 people were living with dementia[1]. In addition, it was estimated that one in three people born in 2015 will develop dementia in their lifetime[2]. Therefore, new ways of tackling this challenge must be found.

In collaboration with Monsenso, the lead researchers on The MOVE Study – Dr Barbora Silarova and Dr Rachel Collins will set up the solution to support The MOVE Study, and hereafter demonstrate its capabilities for clinicians and patients and receive their feedback. The findings will be used to guide development of future intervention that focuses on changing healthy behaviours that could make a difference to people’s risk of getting dementia. It is planned for the intervention to be delivered in primary care. The configuration of the Monsenso Solution for The MOVE Study will include one of the newest additions to the system; an integration to Withings (wearable technology) which allows for collection of sensor data, such as physical activity, sleep and pulse.

Thomas Lethenborg, CEO of Monsenso, says: “Dementia is a huge challenge for society to overcome, and it will be growing in the coming years due to an ageing population. We are looking forward to testing whether our solution can help people to engage in healthy behaviours to live a healthy life. We may draw on experiences gained from the H2020 funded WellCo project, which aims at improving the well-being of elderly people.”

About University of Exeter

University of Exeter combines teaching excellence and high levels of student satisfaction with world class research at their campuses in Devon and Cornwall. They are part of the Russell Group as one of the 24 leading UK universities. Their success is built on a strong partnership with their students and a clear focus on high performance.

For more information about dementia research conducted at University of Exeter, please see

About South West Academic Health Science Network

The South West Academic Health Science Network (SW AHSN) works to improve the health and patient experience of people in the South West by supporting and accelerating innovation and quality improvement. SW AHSN is part of a national network of 15 AHSNs set up by NHS England, to identify, adopt and disseminate innovative healthcare. As part of KLICK, they will be aiding in the conversation and co-design of solutions to better meet patient needs by bringing together innovators and adopters of new ideas for health and social care.

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About Monsenso

Monsenso is an innovative technology company offering a mHealth solution that optimises the treatment of mental disorders. The smartphone-based solution gives a detailed overview of an individual’s mental health through the collection of outcome, adherence and behavioural data, and it connects individuals, carers and health care providers enabling personalised treatment, remote care and early intervention.

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Thomas Lethenborg
+45 21298827

[1] Dowrick, A., Southern, A. . Dementia 2014: Opportunity for change. 2014  17/10/2018]; Available from:

[2] Lee, V.S., J. Simpson, and K. Froggatt, A narrative exploration of older people’s transitions into residential care. Aging Ment Health, 2013. 17(1): p. 48-56.