Monsenso partners with Gen Re to bring mHealth solution to insurance

Copenhagen, Denmark – 19 April 2017. Monsenso, a Copenhagen-based technology company developing mHealth solutions for mental health, today announced a partnership with Gen Re, one of the world’s leading reinsurance companies. The objective of the partnership is to help insurance companies take advantage of Monsenso’s mHealth solution, which can assist in the prevention, early intervention and treatment of mental illness.

The Monsenso mHealth solution provides practical care to people with behavioural disorders, and has the potential to improve the prevention and management of disability claims.

Patient surveys reveal that mHealth technology increases an individual’s desire to play a more active role in their treatment. With the Monsenso mHealth solution, individuals can self-monitor their lifestyle and their symptoms, helping them recover faster from mental illness.

Gen Re delivers reinsurance solutions to the Life/Health and Property/Casualty insurance industries. With $14 billion in capital and approx. $6 billion in premiums, it is one of the leading reinsurers in the world with a global network of offices in key reinsurance markets.

Gen Re and Monsenso will work together to help insurance companies offer an enhanced service to their customers, and reduce costs in the process. By offering the solution, insurers can actively help their customers return to work more quickly, and avoid becoming ill again

Thomas Lethenborg, CEO at Monsenso, said, “The objective of this partnership is to promote the use of mHealth technology among insurance companies.  With this technology, their customers can get better faster by receiving better mental health care, while reducing costs at the same time.”

“Monsenso is looking to build sustainable, long-term partnerships, with the ultimate goal of delivering better care, to more people, at a lower cost,” added Mr. Lethenborg.

With a desire to bring the best innovative new technology solutions to their clients, Gen Re bring their extensive insurance industry knowledge to the partnership.

Jules Constantinou, Regional Manager, Gen Re Life/Health UK & Ireland, said, “ It is important that the life insurance industry embrace new technologies and new processes in order to remain relevant in the lives of customers going forward. Clinical medicine is also evolving and we are very pleased to announce this partnership with Monsenso, which should improve outcomes for insurance claimants who are battling mental illness”.

“We anticipate working closely with Monsenso to find solutions for Gen Re’s insurance clients and their customers worldwide” added Mr. Constantinou.

With its origins at the IT University of Copenhagen, the Monsenso mHealth solution for mental illnesses holds a CE Mark. It is currently being used in a clinical capacity in the UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Australia to support the treatment of a wide range of mental and behavioural disorders.


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