Monsenso participates in MENTBEST – a European community-based and personalised digital intervention project

The new European intervention project MENTBEST will deliver an innovative and comprehensive community-based intervention programme and a personalised digital application based on Monsenso’s solution to prevent and mitigate the mental health challenges associated with dramatic and rapid change in Europe. 

European societies are severely impacted by global trends such as war, economic crisis, climate changes, migration, pandemics, and ageing population. These megatrends can negatively affect people’s psychological health and wellbeing – with vulnerable groups being at particular risk. Thus scalable intervention programmes are needed to build resilience and enhance self-help competency to prevent mental illness.

Therefore, the European Union is funding the design and delivery of validated community-based interventions and innovative technologies to empower individuals from vulnerable groups to better manage mental health challenges associated with dramatic and rapid change in Europe. During the MENTBEST project, interventions will be delivered to communities in five different countries, namely Albania, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, and Spain. The project is led by the European Alliance Against Depression, and includes a consortium of 14 European partners with an extensive range of expertise. 

As part of the intervention project, an AI-enabled app based on Monsenso’s digital health platform will be developed and trialed to help prevent mental illness among high-risk groups, particularly migrants/refugees, older people, younger people, long-term unemployed, and those already struggling with their mental health. The goal of the AI-enabled personalised self-care program is to allow vulnerable people to use their long-term smartphone-generated data to support their mental health self-management. 

“The ambition of MENTBEST is to increase resilience and self-help competencies of people most often left behind in times of rapid and dramatic societal changes.”, explains Professor Ulrich Hegerl, MENTBEST Project Coordinator and President of the European Alliance Against Depression.

“Timely access to evidence-based support has the potential to empower vulnerable people to reduce the risk of developing mental illnesses. We are looking forward to participating in MENTBEST and expanding our platform to provide personalised, AI-driven self-care programs to people at high risk of facing difficulties with their mental health.”, says Thomas Lethenborg, CEO at Monsenso. 

The MENTBEST app will be trialed in Denmark, Germany, and Spain under the leadership of Professor Lars Kessing and Associate Professor Maria Faurholt-Jepsen from Mental Health Services of the Capital Region of Denmark.

“The project builds on our year-long research experience with digital mental health for more severe mental health illnesses. We see great potential in digital, data-driven mental health also for mild to moderate conditions and consequently look forward to driving the digital intervention part of the MENTBEST project with Monsenso”, says Maria Faurholt-Jepsen, Associate professor at Mental Health Services in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Project title: MENTBEST
Total budget: DKK 52.1 mio.
Net contribution to Monsenso: DKK 5.7 mio.
Duration: 5 years

About the partners
The project is led by the European Alliance Against Depression. The consortium entails leading experts in mental health promotion, resilience, wellbeing and primary prevention of disorders, mental disorders and suicide prevention, mental health in the workplace, mental health in children and adolescents, mental health in old age and experts in e-mental health and support technology, public policy, public education and evaluation. The consortium members are European Alliance Against Depression Ev, Instituto de Saúde Pública da Universidade do Porto (Portugal), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), National Suicide Research Foundation (Ireland), Region Hovedstaden (Denmark), Det Nationale Forskningscenter for Arbejdsmiljø (Denmark), Eesti-Rootsi Vaimse Tervise ja Suitsidoloogia Instituut (Estonia), Stiftung Deutsche Depressionshilfe Und Suizidpraevention (Germany), Qendres Se Shendetit Dhe Mireqenies Komunitare (Albania), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), Pintail Ltd (Ireland), Kentro Erevnon Notioanatolikis Evropis Astiki Mi Kerdoskopiki Etaireia (Greece), and Fundacio Institut Hospital del Mar D’Investigacions Mèdiques (Spain).

Further information:
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