Monsenso signs major new agreement with a European capital

Monsenso signs major new agreement with a European capital

Monsenso has been elected the best bidder in a public tender and signs a framework agreement to deliver its digital solution to support health services in a European capital.

The framework agreement makes it possible for the city, the university, a hospital and other health institutions in the area to purchase Monsenso’s validated digital health solution and associated services for 30 months with the possibility to prolong for two times five years.

The signing of the framework agreement comes with initial million-kroner orders to implement and operate Monsenso’s solution for 30 months to digitally support and increase access to services for young people with mental health challenges and for people with addiction.

Service users are provided with an app, which is used to collect real-time patient-reported information and to give self-help information and guidance between consultations. Health professionals gain access to a clinical web portal to follow their patients remotely and gain valuable information about behaviour, symptoms and adherence to treatment. This enables clinicians to provide a data-driven treatment and allows for proactive follow-up. In addition, the solution supports communication between service users and therapists.

The potential of this framework agreement is significant. It comes with an initial order that will generate recurring revenue for Monsenso in the coming years, and the potential from other departments and entities within the city already covered by the framework agreement as well as similar European cities is substantial” says Thomas Lethenborg, CEO of Monsenso. “Addiction and youth mental illness are both large burdens of disease and affect far too many people, so we are proud to contribute to providing better access to high-quality services in the city”.

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