Monsenso signs a new contract with Empano

Monsenso signs a new contract with Empano

Monsenso expands collaboration with Empano, a private provider of psychology and psychiatry services, signing a new contract to help citizens with stress return to work in the municipality of Slagelse.

Monsenso and Empano partnered up last year to help unemployed people get back to work faster. Together, Monsenso and Empano offer a solution for Danish municipalities to help unemployed people suffering from stress and depression return to work.
Following the successful implementation in the municipality of Guldborgssund, the services are now offered to more municipalities, starting in the municipality of Slagelse, Denmark.

Empano offers individual courses and group sessions to the employment sector in the municipalities and uses Monsenso’s digital health solution to collect self-reported data from service users to validate and demonstrate the program’s effectiveness.

The courses have a duration of 6-8 weeks each, after which new citizens are enrolled.

It is a preventative course that teaches strategies to reduce stress and promote mental health. Citizens are introduced to techniques that enable them to better cope with symptoms and challenges in everyday life and the job market, based on cognitive therapy, metacognitive therapy, and mindfulness.

“We are excited to expand our collaboration with Empano to help more people get back to work faster,” says CEO Thomas Lethenborg. “Mental health and unemployment are closely linked. While unemployment can cause stress which may have other negative consequences on people’s mental health, including depression, anxiety and lower self-esteem, a good mental health has shown to have a positive impact on employability, finding a job and staying in that job.”