Norddjurs municipality in Denmark joins a successful back-to-work program supported by the Monsenso digital health solution

Norddjurs municipality in Denmark joins a successful back-to-work program supported by the Monsenso digital health solution

Norddjurs Municipality in the Central Jutland region joins the successful Return-to-Work program, facilitated by several partners including Empano, Sundinvest, Den Sociale Kapitalfond, AS3, PWC and supported by Monsenso’s digital health solution. From February 2022, Monsenso’s digital health solution will be deployed in Norddjurs Municipality to support individuals during their return-to-work process, while collecting real-world insights on outcomes.

The impact of COVID -19 on social care.
The disruption or shutdown of critical mental health services during the COVID -19 pandemic has led to the rapid adoption of technology-enabled care (TEC) in both health care and adult social care (ASC). Today, there is no doubt that digital technologies offer the potential to improve social care, from targeting resources where they are most needed to promote independence in the community through remote care and treatment support.

Commissioning beyond COVID -19
The adoption of technology-enabled care (TEC) also provides an opportunity to move towards a more person-centered and evidence-based model of commissioning that focuses on service delivery outcomes.

Three forward-thinking municipalities in Denmark implement an outcome-based back-to-work service provided by Empano and Monsenso

To date, two forward-thinking municipalities in Denmark (Guldborgsund and Slagelse) have implemented an outcome-based back-to-work service provided by Empano and Monsenso.

The back-to-work services are designed to help citizens with mental illness return to the labour market faster and consist of coping and motivational courses provided by Empano, offered in conjunction with the Monsenso digital health solution for remote treatment support and real wold data collection on outcomes to validate and demonstrate program effectiveness. 

Since February 2022, Norddjurs municipality in the Central Jutland region has also joined the successful program and more municipalities are expected to follow during the year.

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