Norwegian hospital aims to reduce hospital readmissions of individuals with bipolar disorder

Norwegian hospital aims to reduce hospital readmissions of individuals with bipolar disorder

Copenhagen, Denmark – 15 November 2016.  Monsenso announced today that the Norwegian hospital, Lovisenberg Diakonale Sykehus, will begin a pilot study with the Monsenso mHealth solution that aims to reduce hospital readmissions of individuals with bipolar disorder. Lovisenberg was signed up as a customer by Computas, Monsenso’s partner in Norway.

The pilot study, which will include individuals with bipolar disorder, aims to reduce hospital readmissions by using the Monsenso mHealth solution to intervene at an early stage.

Thomas Lethenborg, CEO at Monsenso, said that Lovisenberg would conduct a ten-month pilot study to determine if the solution should be widely implemented with other mental illnesses.

“Lovisenberg is  committed to finding innovative solutions that help them provide better care to their patients in a more cost-efficient way. With the implementation of the Monsenso mHealth solution, a patient’s historical, aggregated data will be available more easily,” Mr Lethenborg added.

Kim Petersen, Executive Director at Computas AS, said “We are thrilled to have signed up our first customer with Monsenso.  This type of technology gives new opportunities for the integration of mobile health into the existing mental health services in Norway; and I am confident that once clinicians start experiencing the clinical and financial benefits of implementing the solution, we will sign up more customers in no time!”

 Andreas Joner, Head of Clinic at Lovisenberg, said the trial would allow them to investigate how a remote patient monitoring solution can be used to improve patient care and patient engagement.

“The Monsenso mHealth solution will help us to access and analyse data in a more efficient way. Besides, since most people carry their smartphones all the time, patients can answer their self-assessments and clinical questionnaires wherever they are, without feeling self-conscious,” said Andreas Joner.

The Monsenso mHealth solution for mental illnesses is based on a triple-loop treatment model that connects patients, carers and clinicians and has the potential to reduce hospital readmissions of bipolar patients.

Patients use a smartphone to fill in routine self-assessments that reveal their current state of mind and collect sensor data.  The smartphone app also works as a self-help tool that allows patients to manage their symptoms and the behaviours that trigger those symptoms. Carers are also given a smartphone that allows them to assess the overall well-being of the one they care for, and make notes that are shared with the patient and the clinician.

Clinicians use a web portal that provides historical information on each patient, including routine self-assessments and clinical questionnaires. The portal also allows them to obtain an overview of their patients’ illness progression, symptoms, medication compliance, and medical record keeping.

With more than 1300 employees, Lovisenberg Diakonale Sykehus delivers effective treatment and outpatient care across its multiple sites. The hospital provides specialist care in mental health.

For additional information contact:

Jennifer Highland
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Tone Hærem
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Lovisenberg Diakonale Sykehus

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Computas AS

About Lovisenberg Diakonale Sykehus
Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital provides specialised health care services in mental health and internal medicine for 180,000 inhabitants of four City Districts in Oslo (inner city). In addition, mental health services are offered to several other city boroughs. The surgical department performs scheduled operations, and has one of the leading orthopaedic units in Norway. The hospital has 234 beds, more than 2,000 employees, and an extensive out-patient facility. It is a non-profit, privately owned organisation, all services provided are within Public Health. Our mission is to offer diagnostics, treatment, and follow up services of a high quality to all our patients, with equality and respect. Being innovative and finding new solutions is part of this.

About Computas
Computas is an international IT solutions provider based in Norway, delivering solutions all over the world. We deliver services and solutions for work processes and collaboration. Our core competence is systems development, architecture and integration, project management and consulting. We have unique experience, deliver high quality in all projects, and work closely with customers to make the best solutions. The health care system in Norway is changing, and there is a need for smart solutions that can ensure quality and improve the efficiency of health services. The key to solving these challenges is through better use of IT. We are prepared to contribute with our expertise and our solutions aimed at patients and health care workers.  We have delivered everything from work process solutions to apps to help the health sector to work more efficiently and to help patients to have better safety.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]You can download this article as PDF in EnglishDanish and Norwegian

mHealth solution aims to reduce hospital readmissions

mHealth solution aims to reduce hospital readmissions

Copenhagen, Denmark – 9 February 2016. Monsenso ApS, a Copenhagen-based technology company, has been granted 3.065 million DKK by the Innovation Fund to develop further develop their mHealth solution that aims to reduce hospital readmissions of patients with depression and bipolar disorder.

The RADMIS research project, which has been granted a budget of 10.1 million DKK by the Innovation Fund, is being done in collaboration with the Mental Health Services of the Capital Region of Denmark (RHP) and the Danish Technical University (DTU).

Depression and bipolar disorder are the leading cause of disability worldwide, imposing a very high burden for society in terms of cost, lost productivity, and mortality. Besides, patients with affective disorders are hospitalized more frequently than any other patient group. The treatment of depression and bipolar disorder includes medication, psycho-education, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

The RADMIS research project aims to establish clinical evidence that the Monsenso mHealth solution can reduce the number of hospital readmissions of patients with depression and bipolar disorder. It also seeks to decrease the symptoms and improve the quality of life of outpatients with depression or bipolar disorder receiving smartphone-based CBT.

Since smartphones are equipped with powerful sensing, computation and communication capabilities, they provide a unique platform to monitor and treat patients with depression and bipolar disorder. Moreover, smartphones also provide a rich multi-media and communication platform for Ecological Momentary Intervention (EMI) enabling patients to receive context-aware treatment in real-time, including medication reminders and CBT.

The innovation goals of the RADMIS research project are to:

  1. Research, design, and develop an intelligent smartphone-based monitoring and treatment platform for affective disorders
  2. Provide clinical evidence to reduce the number and duration of hospital re-admissions of patients with depression and bipolar disorder using smartphone-based treatment
  3. Provide clinical evidence that smartphone-based CBT improves the health outcomes for patients with depression and bipolar disorder

With regards to the new capabilities that will be added to the Monsenso mHealth solution, Thomas Lethenborg, CEO at Monsenso commented, “This intelligent smartphone-based monitoring and treatment platform for depression and bipolar disorders is the first of its kind; there are no similar solutions available on the market.”

“Once the clinical trial is completed, we will have the necessary evidence to prove that smartphone-based CBT helps reduce hospital readmissions of psychiatric patients. Besides, it allows health care systems to reach out to the 75% of the population in Europe who need treatment, but remain untreated,” added Mr. Lethenborg.

For additional information contact:
Jennifer Highland
Marketing and Communications Manager
+45 81 71 7713
highland@monsenso.comYou can download this article as PDF in English and Danish