Region South Denmark Clinics widely implement Monsenso mHealth solution

Region South Denmark Clinics widely implement Monsenso mHealth solution

Region South Denmark Clinics will use the Monsenso mHealth solution to support treatment of individuals diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, or borderline personality disorder.

Copenhagen, Denmark – 4, September, 2017

The Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark are currently rolling out the Monsenso mHealth solution to support the treatment of individuals with affective disorders.

Monsenso is an innovation leader in mobile health solutions for mental health. Their mHealth solution is presently used by 25 clinicians across Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark to support the treatment of individuals diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia or borderline personality disorder.

Thomas Lethenborg, CEO at Monsenso, said that the decision for the roll-out came as a natural progression of the collaboration between Monsenso and the Region of Southern Denmark Mental Health Services on the ENTER project and the Public-Private Innovation (PPI) Partnership.

“Monsenso and the Region South Denmark have been working on different research projects for quite some time now; it’s only natural they decide to roll out our mHealth solution widely. By implementing Monsenso Clinic, clinicians will have access to patients’ historical aggregated data which will assist them in making better decisions in regards to a person’s treatment,” Mr. Lethenborg added.

The Monsenso solution has been previously utilised during research trials at The Centre for Telepsychiatry in the Region of Southern Denmark.

Claus Faerch Head of Department at The Centre for Telepsychiatry in the Region of Southern Denmark said: “We are continuously looking to improve patient engagement, and this technology will help us to track and discover more changes in mood. Our aim is to use the technology to help support the treatment we currently provide to our patients, with views to expanding the programme to more clinicians shortly.”

The  mHealth solution is based on a double-loop treatment model. The first loop consists of a smartphone app operates as a self-management tool to provide the patient insight into how their actions may influence their disorder. Individuals can use the app to fill out routine self-assessments regarding their behaviour, such as logging the amount of hours they have slept.  Additionally, the app also collects sensor data and sends helpful notifications for when patients are reporting behaviour that may trigger symptoms of their disorder.

The second loop of the treatment model involves the clinician. Clinicians can access a web portal that is synchronised to the patient’s app. This synchronisation enables clinicians to efficiently access the data collected by the patients’ smartphones anytime and anywhere.

This comprehensive double loop feedback system aims to increase patient engagement, awareness, and informed decision making during treatment.

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Monsenso receives funding to further develop mhealth solution for anxiety and borderline

Monsenso receives funding to further develop mhealth solution for anxiety and borderline

Copenhagen, Denmark – 25 January 2016.   Monsenso ApS, a Copenhagen-based technology company, has been granted 1.575 million DKK to continue the research and development of the existing data-driven, cloud-based, mHealth solution for anxiety and borderline treatment.

The ENTER project (previously called E-Mental project), which has been granted an overall budget of 19 million DKK, is being done in collaboration with The Mental Health Services in the Region of Southern Denmark (MHS), the South Denmark University, Aalborg University, Context Consulting and Monsenso. Monsenso will be involved in two studies for the E-mental project:

The Anxiety Monitoring Study

The objective of the study is to implement and validate the Monsenso mHealth solution for anxiety disorders.

Mobile monitoring solutions can be useful in assisting patients in using skills learned during treatment in real life situations, as well as to monitor and give feedback on progress or lack of progress during therapy. This feedback leads to better outcomes for patients not responding well to treatment.

The mDIARY Study for patients with borderline personality disorder

The objective of the study is to prove that the Monsenso DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) solution is a reliable and clinically valid way to collect patient data, helping individuals learn these skills at home, speeding up their recovery.

The study will include a three-month pilot study where a randomized percentage of the patients will use either paper-based diary cards or the Monsenso mHealth app. Additionally, the study will also include a two-year randomized controlled trial. During this part of the study, half of the patients will be given an mHealth app that includes coaching suggestions while the second half will use paper-based self-assessments. The number of missing data will be compared, and data quality of the app versus established clinical measures will be evaluated. User satisfaction will be assessed with focus group interviews.

Additionally, a cost-effectiveness study will run in parallel to the main research. The objective of this study is to estimate the economic advantages of implementing the proposed e-mental health solution in the healthcare system.

E-mental health solutions have the potential to reduce the cost of treatment and to enable a larger number of people to be treated. The economic aspects should be adequately investigated with regards to cost-effectiveness as well as financial aspects of implementation in clinical practice. The study aims to determine the cost-effectiveness of Internet interventions compared to the most cost-effective treatment currently available.

With regards to the support obtained from the Innovation Fund, Thomas Lethenborg, CEO at Monsenso commented, “The mHealth solution developed by Monsenso has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of psychiatric illnesses. The support received from the Innovation Fund will provide us with the necessary evidence to validate our solution clinically and financially for the treatment of mental illnesses.”

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