Monsenso’s mobile health solution will be used in H2020 Funded ECoWeB Project

Monsenso’s mobile health solution will be used in H2020 Funded ECoWeB Project

Monsenso’s mHealth solution will feature additions for the ECoWeB project, which focuses on training and enhancing emotional competency skills for youth populations    

Copenhagen, Denmark24 April 2018 Monsenso is happy to announce the involvement of our mHealth solution in the Horizon 2020 Funded ECoWeB Project.

The ECoWeB project aims to provide a comprehensive and personalized mobile app that will train young individuals in enhancing their emotional control skills and minimizing their emotional deficits. Monsenso’s mHealth solution is the foundation for the project. The app will work closely with the 3 major components of Emotional Control: Production, Regulation & Knowledge. It is hypothesized that interventions based on such comprehensive assessments will efficiently increase resilience toward adversity, promote mental wellbeing and act as a primary prevention for mental disorders.

“The Monsenso mHealth solution offers a perfect foundation for the ECoWeB project. I am confident that the routine monitoring, and high customizability of the solution can be modified to help young individuals enhance important emotional competency skills.” says Ed Watkins, Professor of Experimental and Applied Clinical Psychology at the College of Life & Environmental Sciences for Exeter University.

This project adopts a new approach to the fundamental understanding of emotion, by combining a highly personalized approach to understanding the individual and leading digital technology. This innovative approach has the potential to deliver a breakthrough in the effective prevention of mental disorders.

The ECoWeB project will integrate the following three multidisciplinary approaches:

  1. The use of the theoretical model of normal emotional functioning (The Emotional Competence Process) to guide the identification and targeting of emotional competence mechanisms implicated in both the mental wellbeing and psychopathology for young people.
  2. The systematic assessment of personal Emotional Competence profiles to select targeted interventions to promote wellbeing
  3. Mobile application delivery intended for scalability, accessibility and adaptability in younger populations.

“This project is exciting because it diversifies the usage of our solution. In addition to providing a supplement for treatment in clinical practice, our solution will now be able to also be used independently to provide personalized prevention.” says Thomas Lethenborg, CEO at Monsenso.

The project is led by The University of Exeter. The consortium consists of the following members:

The project was developed in response to the need for more robust evidence on resilience factors and effective interventions for young populations, in addition to the need for scalable approaches to mental health interventions that are accessible at a population level.

The project is presently ongoing.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement No.754657.