Monsenso signs a contract with the Elite Sports Academy Aarhus (ESAA)

Monsenso signs a contract with the Elite Sports Academy Aarhus (ESAA)

Monsenso signs a contract with the Elite Sports Academy Aarhus (ESAA). The Monsenso digital health solution will be used to promote mental wellbeing among ESAA’s students.

Strong mental health is a prerequisite for top athletes to perform at their best. Yet, top athletes are more vulnerable to psychological distress due to the top performance culture. In response, many clubs have over the recent years taken initiatives to promote mental health among their elite athletes and today sports psychology is as much about mental health, as it is about athletic performance.

ESAA, an Elite Sports Academy located in Aarhus (Denmark), is no exception. With mental health as part of the academy’s core values (Mind, Body, Culture, Team), ESAA seeks to provide their young athletes with self-insight and tools to learn how to master the mental aspects of being an elite athlete.

From August 2021, 75 young elite athletes will be offered the Monsenso mhealth app as part of ESAA’s talent program to track their mental wellbeing daily, while giving them access to “Tools” and “Challenges” to boost their mental health and wellbeing. ‘Tools’ provides the young athletes with coping strategies and ‘Challenges’ helps to learn new skills, like how to gain insight into their emotions, how to develop a positive mindset or improve their confidence.

At the same time, the daily tracking offers ESAA the opportunity to identify and act proactively upon signs and symptoms of mental distress, and hereby to provide preventive support to their young athletes.

 “We are pleased to collaborate with ESAA in this project,” says Thomas Lethenborg, CEO of Monsenso. “The importance of mental health in elite sport, in particular among young athletes, can not be underestimated and we are happy that the Monsenso solution can contribute to that. 

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Bettina van Wylich-Muxoll
Chief Marketing Officer