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Monsenso strengthens focus on mHealth for mental health

Monsenso strengthens focus on mHealth for mental health

Copenhagen, Denmark – 1 December 2015. Monsenso Aps, an innovation leader in mobile health (mHealth) solutions for mental health, announced today the acquisition of DayBuilder Solutions, a local competitor developing an mHealth solution for depression to strengthen focus on mHealth for mental health.

The acquisition will consolidate Monsenso in the Danish market and strengthen their focus internationally. Starting from today, Monsenso will take over DayBuilder’s obligations to customers and researchers. Besides acquiring new customers with this merger, Monsenso will also benefit from additional research and technology that will support the future development of leading mobile health solutions for mental health.

With regards to the merger, Thomas Lethenborg, CEO at Monsenso, commented, “With this merger, two evolving Danish companies can now present a unified front locally and internationally, rather than being competitors. This merger has made us a stronger player in the development space of mHealth solutions; therefore, clinicians and patients will benefit from this outcome.”

I believe that Monsenso has the capability to dominate the market nationally and internationally, and with our joint efforts we have the potential to help thousands of people suffering from mental illness worldwide,” commented Philip Kaare Løventoft, CEO at DayBuilder Solutions.

After the merger is completed, Monsenso will take over a new research project called SAFE2, which was handled by DayBuilder Solutions in collaboration with Rigshospitalet, the University Hospital in Denmark.

Currently, the Monsenso mHealth solution is being used by the different health care regions in Denmark to support the treatment of patients suffering from schizophrenia, major depressive disorder(MDD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and borderline personality disorder.

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