Monsenso moves into a new disorder area with a new project covering Multiple Sclerosis

Monsenso, leading provider of digital solutions for mental health, moves into a new disorder area with a project covering Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The project is part of the HedaX research project and is conducted jointly with the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society

The aim of the project, led by Lasse Skovgaard from the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society, is to explore whether data-driven insight from daily self-assessments can empower users to better manage their disease.

In Denmark, approximately 17.200 people have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and worldwide there are 2.1 million people diagnosed with MS. MS is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system (autoantibodies) begins to attack and destroy the body’s own nerve cells. MS is a progressive disorder that can affect different places in the central nervous system, why symptoms and disabilities are manifold. Due to the broad heterogeneity among the MS patients’ disease courses, it is difficult to personalise a treatment course for better outcomes.

The aim of the study, therefore, is to validate whether data-driven insight from daily self-assessments can empower users and serve as a tool for individual disease management.

Study participants will be provided with the Monsenso app to assess daily self-assessments of symptoms, lifestyle measures and quality of life. Through visualisation of the historical data, the users can gain better insight into the behaviours that trigger their symptoms, thereby empowering them to better manage their disease.

The project is part of the HedaX research project, funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark, which involves ten public and private partners working together to develop a digital platform to ensure health data is securely captured and shared between individuals, healthcare professionals and researchers. The HedaX-project initially covered cancer and bipolar patients but will now be extended to cover MS patients.

‘’The project with Monsenso offers an opportunity to work closely with a patient organisation and determine whether patients can manage their disease better through the use of a state-of-the-art patient-centred app. The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society was chosen as a partner because they have a clear ambitious digital strategy’’ says Troels Bierman Mortensen, CEO of DataFair and Project Manager for the HedaX project.

“Multiple Sclerosis is a serious and disabling disease. We are therefore pleased if the Monsenso solution can help to improve future treatments,” says Thomas Lethenborg, CEO of Monsenso.

About the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society
The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society is a nationwide organisation with 48 local branches throughout the country and the Faroe Islands and over 60 years of experience in making a difference by leading the way in research, patient support and providing information on Multiple Sclerosis. The organisation counts more than 60,000 members and donors – including 12,000 members with MS which corresponds to 80 percent of all Danish patients with MS.

About Monsenso
Monsenso is an innovative technology company offering a digital health solution used for decentralised trials, remote patient monitoring and treatment support. Our mission is to contribute to improved health for more people at lower costs by supporting treatment digitally and leveraging patient-reported outcomes data. Our solution helps optimise the treatment and gives a detailed overview of an individual’s health through the collection of outcome, adherence, and behavioural data. It connects individuals, carers, and health care providers to enable personalised treatment, remote care, and early intervention. We collaborate with health and social care, pharmaceuticals, and leading researcher worldwide in our endeavours to deliver solutions that fit into the life of patients and health care professionals. To learn more visit

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