Monsenso is ready for the stock exchange, after continuous growth for several years

Copenhagen, Denmark – 28 April  2020 – Danish start-up Monsenso is ready for the stock exchange after continuous growth for several years, with its easily scalable and highly demanded mobile health solution for mental healthcare. The Danish start-up Monsenso has managed to deliver growth in revenue, increase its number of customers, and deliver profits.

Monsenso will now leverage this momentum and invite Danish investors on its upcoming global growth journey.

With a certified and scalable mobile health solution, Monsenso’s technology has proven to be a useful tool to achieve better mental health for more people, with significantly lower costs to society as a result.

The demand for the Monsenso mHealth solution is high, and at the same time, the competitive situation is exceptionally favourable. The Monsenso solution is clinically validated, and thus, it differs significantly from the many stand-alone apps that are available online.

Today, the Monsenso mHealth solution has been deployed to 10 different countries. Now, it has the opportunity to scale up further to more markets, as satisfied customers increase their orders, and new customers sign up.

Growth Plan

Monsenso expects to double its revenue in the coming financial year from DKK 9 million in 2020 to DKK 18.5 million in 2021, and accomplish a revenue of DKK 75 million by 2024.

With the IPO, Monsenso aims to raise a total of DKK 20 million to finance the company’s continued growth journey, expand the organization, and be able to scale up the business further in line with growing demand.

Monsenso has chosen to be admitted to trading at NASDAQ First North GM Copenhagen because broader ownership, as well as the transparency and responsibility that the acquisition entails, will make Monsenso a more attractive partner for its customers.

Corona crisis increases the need for the Monsenso mHealth solution

The current global corona crisis is increasing the demand for Monsenso’s mHealth solution because the technology provides an effective solution to the problems faced due to the isolation experienced by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

The crisis and the accompanying quarantine measures are spurring people to embrace mobile solutions even more. Digitalization has taken a massive leap in a very short time, and mHealth solutions and well as telemedicine portals will be in high-demand.

Monsenso presents this Intention to Float, paving the way for a listing on NASDAQ First North GM in Copenhagen before summer. Monsenso’s management looks forward to this milestone for the company.

CEO Thomas Lethenborg: “Monsenso’s mHealth solution is hitting a huge and unmet global need to help treat mental disorders. With our strong research foundation and a demonstrated proof of business for private and public players, we believe that the time is right to raise funds and continue our global expansion.”

Chairman Jukka Pertola: “The corona crisis is clearly showing that mobile health solutions work well and that there is a great need in the market. When, during a crisis like corona, physical contact is not possible, mobile health solutions like Monsenso’s are needed even more. That’s why we stick to our plans for a stock exchange listing. “

CTO Jakob Bardram: “Monsenso offers clinicians an easy-to-use tool to monitor patients remotely. With continuous real-time feedback of data, treatment can be tailored for each patient; this results in a more optimal treatment at a lower cost. In the next phase, we will make the solution more scalable and increase the content of the treatment to meet increasing demand.”


Monsenso has entered into a long-term partnership with one of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical companies to use Monsenso’s healthcare solution to support product launches in select countries in Europe.

Monsenso also collaborates with several customers in Denmark and the UK, including the Capital Region, a number of Danish municipalities, and Exeter University.

In the coming years, Monsenso wants to expand and strengthen its market position, and constantly invest in making the solution more configurable with new treatment options, in order to meet the growing demand from more mental disorders.

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