Interview with Monsenso’s Chairman Jukka Pertola

Q&A with Monsenso’s Chairman Jukka Pertola

Describe your role in the company
“I joined the company because I have an understanding of IT and software and long-standing experience of working on different boards. When a small company like Monsenso is going public, all the governance structures need to be in place, and that is where I come in. I have previously taken GomSpace to First North in Stockholm. When I joined GomSpace as Chairman of the Board, there were 30 employees, and today they are 150 with a sizeable turnover.”

What is your most important contribution as Chairman of the Board?
“My most important contribution as the Chairman of the Board will be to establish a solid governance structure for when the company goes public. It is my goal to ensure that Monsenso is successfully noted on Nasdaq First North Growth Market this summer.”

 Why did you choose Monsenso?
“Monsenso is an exciting, small company that works within a field where the demand for smart IT-solutions is enormous. The company has a clear positive impact and a very well-defined purpose, and I am proud of the of it, that is why I chose to become the chairman.

Besides, mental health problems are widespread, and according to many publications, hospitals lack the capacity and resources to treat people with mental health problems adequately.

Healthcare professionals need new and effective tools to improve patient-clinician communication and to optimize treatment, and that is a mission I am happy to help support. The pending stock exchange listing will raise capital to the future growth and Monsenso has a significant global potential with it’s certified mobile health solution.”

Can you say a few words about your relationship with Monsenso’s  CEO and CSO
“I know Monsenso’s CEO, Thomas Lethenborg from Siemens, where we worked together closely. Thomas is a competent and experienced leader with a comprehensive understanding of IT and technology, including software services. I believe he is right for Monsenso, and I am looking forward to taking the company public this summer.

I also have a deep trust in Jakob Bardram, who is a respected professor at DTU, and the CTO of Monsenso. Jakob and I have also worked closely, during my time at Siemens. Jakob combines technical knowledge with a deep understanding of mental healthcare, ensuring that Monsenso’s mHealth solution is research-based and certified.”

Why did Monsenso decide to go public during the Corona crisis?
“It is a very uncertain market at the moment, and many companies are postponing their listings. However, since physical contact and doctor’s appointments are minimal at the moment,  all types of mobile health solutions are in high demand, and the Monsenso mHealth solution is a fantastic tool for mental healthcare professionals. Furthermore, when the world is becoming more uncertain and volatile, and we are subject to being somehow isolated in our homes, the need for mental health solutions like the one offered by Monsenso will increase. That is why we are maintaining our plans of going public in June.”

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