“I wouldn’t be able to keep track of my mood before Monsenso.” Peter Hagelund’s Customer Story

In this video, Monsenso User Peter Hagelund speaks about his experience using our mobile health solution to support his bipolar disorder treatment, and how the solution has helped improve and inform his communication with his psychiatrist.

Prior to using the app, Peter & his psychiatrist followed the typical therapeutic setting, they would meet for an appointment every two-three weeks, and they would have a conversation regarding Peter’s past weeks.  Peter would usually say that he had been fine for each appointment, but he would sometimes forget important details regarding his previous weeks that he wanted to discuss.

“It can be pretty tricky to remember, two weeks later [between appointments] how you actually felt that day. With the app it’s really easy to go back and see if your mood has been pretty stable over the last two months, or if you had had some ups and downs over a period,” says Peter Hagelund.

With the app, instead of relying solely on their conversation and Peter’s memory during the appointment, Peter’s psychiatrist can now access his logged data and see how he has been doing, as it is happening. His psychiatrist can view how much he has been sleeping, how much he exercises, how much he drinks, how much anxiety he has, and other relevant aspects to his treatment and his disorder.

“By having the [Monsenso] app, my psychiatrist can actually go into it and see how I’ve been doing, as in, yeah, you say you’ve been doing fine, but I can actually see that you’ve had a bit of ups and a bit of downs, and I think [the app] helps your psychiatrist to get a really honest view of how we, as patients, have been.” says Peter Hagelund.