DBT smartphone app implemented by private clinic in Denmark

DBT smartphone app by Monsenso will be implemented by the end of August

Copenhagen, Denmark – 18 July 2017 Monsenso, a Danish developer in mobile health solutions for mental health, has announced that Datlinien, a private clinic in Denmark, will soon implement the Monsenso mHealth solution with an added Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) module.
DBT is an evidence-based treatment that is commonly used to treat Borderline Personality Disorder.

Online-based DBT solutions have been found to make treatment easier to manage for clinicians, by storing information in an easily accessible place through cloud technology.

A new DBT module was recently added to the Monsenso mHealth solution as part of the mDiary Study, a research project done in collaboration with several Danish partners. The Monsenso mHealth solution, which consists of a smartphone app for individuals and a web portal for clinicians, provides a reliable, efficient, and clinically-validated smartphone based approach to DBT.

Some of the key factors of DBT include skills training and self-monitoring, which have been administered traditionally through paper-based self-assessments, workbooks and diaries. The Monsenso DBT smartphone app helps optimise and organise this process, by putting self-assessments, self-monitoring, skills training, emotion rating, and synchronized clinician feedback into one convenient location – your smartphone.

Datlinien offers mental health services, with a special focus on DBT, to public and private institutions, and they provide DBT treatment for both group and individual therapy.

Thomas Lethenborg, CEO at Monsenso, said “This new DBT module was developed as part of the mDiary Study to complement the treatment of individuals undergoing DBT treatment. It was designed to modernise the traditionally used paper-based assessments and skills training, and to make it more intuitive.”

Dr. Shahram Elahi Panah, General Manager of Datlinien, said “By adopting this new technology, we want to raise the bar on the mental health services offered by private clinics in Denmark. The Monsenso DBT smartphone app makes data collection and skills training more fun and interactive, which is great for the patients because it increases compliance and engagement. On the other hand, it is also great for us, the clinicians, because we can visualise all the patient data more easily.”

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