Eurostars grants Monsenso major funding for further development

Eurostars grants Monsenso major funding for further development

Copenhagen, Denmark – 31 January 2017. Monsenso ApS, Region Zealand, and two German partners have been granted major funding by Eureka/Eurostars, for the “IMProving Availability and Cost-effectiveness of mental Healthcare for Schizophrenia through mHealth” (IMPACHS) project.

The objective of the IMPACHS project is to design and develop a mobile and context-aware Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) content integrated into Monsenso Clinic. Through IMPACHS, Monsenso will deliver smartphone-based intervention technology for outpatients diagnosed with schizophrenia, to improve the availability and cost-effectiveness of mental health care.

Eurostars is the largest programme of knowledge-intensive SMEs with the objective of stimulating growth through international cooperation on the development of new products and services.

With regards to the grant, Thomas Lethenborg, CEO at Monsenso said “This grant will allow us to shift from being a remote patient monitoring digital tool to providing intelligent treatment to individuals with schizophrenia and other mental disorders over time. This will be the third project where we work on a similar solution since RADMIS  and ENTER (previously called E-Mental) have similar goals, but for patients with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder respectively.”

The programme is a jointly funded initiative between the EU and 36 Eurostars countries in Europe and around the world, including Canada, South Korea, South Africa, Turkey, and Israel. During the first round of qualifications, there were 370 submissions, from which 61 projects were from Denmark. When the final qualification round took place, 19 Danish projects were selected to receive significant funding.

The Danish Innovations Fund is the local representative of Eureka/Eurostars in Denmark, and its total budget to distribute amongst all Danish projects is 43 million DKK.

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To read the original press release in Danish issues by the Danish Innovations Fund, click here.