Monsenso will be working with Australian mental health clinic

Monsenso will be working with Australian mental health clinic

Monsenso will be working with the mental health clinic Aware Family Wellness in Australia.

Aware Family Wellness focuses on providing outpatient treatment to individuals in all age groups across a broad range of mental disorders, such as depression and perinatal depression, anxiety, eating disorders, complex trauma, and others.

Patients will be offered the Monsenso digital health solution as part of the treatment at the clinic, with the overall aim to better prepare patients for consultations, enhance the probability of correct and timely diagnosis and treatment, and thereby reduce the number of admissions and the probability of serious illness.

Founder and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Amy Ware says: “We are looking forward to using the Monsenso digital health solution to support our patients even more actively, and offering them a solution that provides them with self-help tools and psychoeducational material, enabling them to take better care of their mental health outside of treatment sessions”.

About Monsenso
Monsenso is a digital health company that enables better outcomes for patients and clinicians through data-driven decisions. We are focused on mental health and user-centred in designing our solutions for patients and clinicians. Our cloud-based platform is a CE-marked medical device (Class 1, pending Class 2a and MDR certification) that is HIPAA compliant, with certifications in ISO 13485, ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, and TGA. Our solution has been clinically and scientifically validated by over 70+ peer-reviewed studies and can be configured for applications across mental health conditions. We work with healthcare systems, life sciences, and research organisations globally. Book a demo to learn more.