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mHealth solution is future! Best alternative to implement patient monitoring '
Jennifer Highland

mHealth solution is a future and best alternative to implement remote patient monitoring

Number of monitored patients is increasing and alternative monitoring needs to be implemented

According to a new report by Berg Insight, a market research firm in Sweden, there were 7.1 million patients monitored remotely worldwide in 2016, which is an increase of 44%.
The report also forecasts that the number will grow to 50.2 million by 2021.

Smartphones as a new alternative to implement remote patient monitoring

Using the individuals’ own smartphones seems to be the best alternative to implement remote patient monitoring. Berg Insight predicts that by 2021, there will be 22.9 million patients monitored remotely with their own device.

Care delivery platforms and mHealth solutions are the two most rapidly developing segments of the digital health technology value chain, since this technology helps patients become more involved in their treatment, helps them obtain improved quality of care, it offers them peace of mind, improved support, education and feedback.

Additionally, the benefits of having patients monitored remotely with this type of technology are clear for clinicians and healthcare providers — ease of access to patient data, the ability to deliver higher-quality care to more patients, lower costs and higher efficiency, to name just a couple.


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