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The Monsenso digital health solution connects
individuals and clinicians to provide optimal care

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The Monsenso digital health solution can help in the prevention, early intervention and treatment of mental illness or behavioural disorders.

Our aim is to help individuals struggling with their mental health to get the right care, at the right time.

Our mobile health solution:

  • Engages and empowers individuals
  • Improves insight into symptoms, adherence, and outcomes
  • Helps provide accurate assessments and ongoing evaluation
  • Supports personalised medication and treatment
  • Helps to translate skill practice into individuals’ everyday lives

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Personalising Mental Health Care

The Monsenso digital health solution connects individuals and clinicians to provide optimal care.


The patient app collects self-reported data and provides tools to practice helpful skills in day-to-day life enabling them to better manage their condition between consultations.


Clinicians access patients’ real-time data through a web portal. The data help improves insight into patient’s symptoms, adherence, and outcomes, serving as a tool for personalised treatment support. 


The app for carers empowers them to play a more active role in the mental health care plan of the ones they care for, while enabling them to take better care of their own mental wellbeing.


The Monsenso digital health solution can support the prevention and treatment of a wide range of conditions, amongst others:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Addiction and substance abuse

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Partnering for better mental health

Monsenso is partnering with different industries to provide better mental healthcare and reach more people, more efficiently.


  • Offer HCP’s Monsenso as digital adjunct to medication improving adherence to treatment
  • Collects real-world data data for new scientific and commercial insight


  • Reduce health insurance and claims costs
  • Improve collaboration with healthcare providers
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Private providers

  • Provide remote care
  • Generate evidence for treatment outcomes
  • Extend services with digital mental health


  • Comprehensive, scalable real-world data collection
  • Create evidence for new treatment models
  • Improve compliance and objectivity

“I really believe that Monsenso could have helped my psychiatrist diagnose my disorder earlier, because the app helps me to keep track of my mood and really helps me to become more aware of how I feel”

Peter Hagelund
User with bipolar disorder

Partners and collaborators

We are collaborating with leading customers, researchers and partners. 

With the help of the Monsenso solution, the clinician will be able to personalise the treatment to fit each client’s needs. It also allows for clinicians to be more proactive and reach out to clients at the time they need help in order to avoid potential relapses”

Ikast Brande

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