Helen Chen

Building Well-Being Through Innovation

Our mHealth solution began as a research project, aimed at embracing the full capabilities of how mobile health technology can change the understanding and treatment of bipolar disorder. Since then, our solution has been both clinically tested and validated, and improved to include new features to change the understanding and treatment of many more affective disorders. Our mHealth solution is packed with remote monitoring, sensor data capabilities, a flexible data collection framework, and immediate real time synchronisation.  All of these features and more can help you collect a wide range of data for any health and psychology related projects you may have.

Check out our past and ongoing research projects! Click on the name to learn more:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression

Using mHealth solution to provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for patients with depression, and to build an insightful illness-forecasting module.

Bipolar Disorder 

Using daily electronic monitoring of a number of subjective & objective measures related to bipolar disorder to revolutionize treatment.


A mixed method study aimed at revealing unique impressions of correlations between illness & daily life for young adults with schizophrenia.

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder 

Integrating our mobile health solution into Dialectical Behavioural Treatment therapy for patients with borderline personality disorder.

EU Funded Horizon 2020 Consortium Studies 

We have been invited to partner with several international universities and companies in EU funded projects, aimed at using mobile health technology to improve mental health.

Our solution will lead the mental health component, as a part of a consoritum designing an ICT solution for helping users maintain or improve their physical, cognitive, mental and social well-being.

Our solution will be used for encouraging medication adherence and facilitating behavioural monitoring in a major new study examining treatment response to lithium.

Our solution will be used as the foundation for this study on encouraging emotional competency skills for young adults.

Validity of Using Mobile Phones for Treating Mental Disorders: 

If you would like to try using our mobile health solution in collecting more comprehensive data for your research study, contact us!

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