Mental health affects all aspects of our life. ​Yet, it’s the most neglected area

Mental health affects all aspects of our life. ​Yet, it’s the most neglected area

Mental health affects all aspects of our life. ​Yet, it’s the most neglected area of public health, driving higher risk of comorbid disorders and mortality. 

​’Mental health’ as a term refers to cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. It is all about how we think, feel, and behave. The state of your mental health determines how you handle stress, how you relate to others, and how you make healthy choices. As such, mental health affects all aspects of daily living, relationships, and physical health. For some people, “mental health” means the absence of a mental disorder. For others, it equals a life with daily stressors, mood disorders, affecting their ability to function.

Close to 1 billion people globally are living with a mental disorder[1]. In fact, mental disorder affects one in four families – a number which is expected to rise significantly over the next 20 years [2]. As measured by ’years of life lived with disability’, mental illness is the biggest disease burden in society today[3].

Without doubt, mental health is an important topic. Yet, the magnitude and burden of mental disorders remain unmet by the response. Countries across the globe have long overlooked the issue of mental health and mental illness. As such, more than 33% of countries allocate less than 1% of the total health budgets to mental health, with another 33% of countries spending just 1% of their budgets on mental health[4]. Consequently, relatively few people around the world have access to quality mental health services. In low- and middle-income countries, more than 75% of people with mental, neurological and substance use disorders receive no treatment for their condition at all [5].

If left untreated, mental illness can lead to other commodity disorders, such as depression, substance abuse and even early mortality. Substance abuse is common among people who are battling a depressive disorder, which can lead to further exacerbation of the symptoms related to depression, impairing mental functioning, and further damaging overall spirit, quality of life. Likewise, many individuals who develop substance use disorders (SUD) are also diagnosed with mental disorders, and vice versa. As such, mental health disorder patients accounts of 44% of cocaine and 38% of alcohol consumption​ [6,7]. ​

The magnitude, suffering and burden in terms of disability and costs for individuals, families and societies are staggering. Every year, the harmful use of alcohol results in millions of deaths, including hundreds of thousands of young lives lost. Illicit drug use disorders is – directly and indirectly – responsible for over 750,000 deaths per year. ​Not to mention, the 1 million people, whom commit suicide every year across the world [8].

Mental health has been hidden behind a curtain of stigma and discrimination for too long. It is time to bring it out into the open. Help us raise awareness, by sharing our post.

To learn more about how Monsenso mhealth solution can be used to increase treatment outcome, see our video below:



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New partership to help unemployed people get back into the labor force faster.

New partership to help unemployed people get back into the labor force faster.

New partership to help unemployed people get back into the labor force faster. Monsenso enters a partnership with Empano, a private player in psychology and psychiatry services. Together, Monsenso and Empano offer a solution for the Danish municipalities to support unemployed people suffering with stress and depression in their return to work process. Initially, the solution will be implemented in Guldborgssund Municipality, Denmark, in September 2020.

“In a situation with historically high unemployment, we are pleased to offer a solution that can help get more Danes back into the labor force faster. It’s always difficult to be outside the labor force, and even more so if you suffer from stress and depression. “Therefore, we are pleased to offer a solution to municipalities that can help unemployed people suffering with stress and depression get back to work” says CEO Thomas Lethenborg.

“The municipalities are facing a major task due to the increased unemployment we are seeing in the wake of Covid-19. The combination of our services in the psychology and psychiatry services, and Monsenso’s platform to support follow-up and data collection is unique in the market and we are convinced that the service can help municipalities to proactively help the larger group of unemployed ” says Director Camilla Stokholm Bjørkman from Empano. 

To read the Danish version, click here.

For additional information contact:
Bettina van Wylich-Muxoll
Chief Marketing Officer

Regional Sales Manager Denmark

Regional Sales Manager Denmark

MONSENSO is an innovative and ambitious mobile health company with a passionate team dedicated to designing innovative personal health technology that helps healthcare providers and societies deliver better, data-driven mental health services to more people at lower costs.

We are looking for an ambitious Regional Sales Manager to take responsibility for all phases of the sales cycle in Denmark. Your primary focus will be to develop relationships and business with health regions, municipalities, leading mental health researchers and partners.
Reporting directly to the CEO, you will play an important role and be a key contributor to the success of the company and its development in Denmark.

Key responsibilities
As a Regional Sales Manager, you will be responsible for your own efforts related to:

  • Developing, maintaining and executing a plan agreed with the leadership team.
  • Achieving activity, bookings and revenue goals.
  • Identifying and acquiring new customers and partners in Denmark to enable scalability of the business. Be the primary point of contact for our partners’ account managers to drive sales activity.
  • Generating leads proactively for the region with our marketing director.
  • Build, drive and close customer opportunities.
  • Managing major accounts and partners in Denmark.
  • Forecasting accurately and maintaining a high degree of CRM discipline.
  • Participate as steering committee member in larger implementation projects and customers’ executive liaison into the organization.

You must be comfortable in a rapidly changing environment that includes elements of a strategic/tactical role, but has its clear emphasis on hands-on sales execution.
You will collaborate intensively with both marketing, product development, partners, care providers, researchers and organisations to plan, develop, manage, and execute your business in Denmark.

What Monsenso offer

Monsenso offer a fantastic opportunity to join a young growth company, where you truly have the ability to make an impact and help shape the future of mental health services. Personal health technology and mHealth are booming markets worldwide, and you will be at the center of this technology revolution. Mental health is as a major burden for society needing new solutions and scalable ways of supporting treatment, and you will contribute to reducing this burden for the benefit of society and the people affected.

You should expect an informal, fast-paced environment with tremendous opportunities for personal development for the right people.

Desired Skills and Expertise
We expect the successful candidate to:

  • Have solid experience and proven record of successfully selling IT/software solutions or services into the healthcare sector – preferably into mental healthcare.
  • Be fluent in Danish
  • Possess excellent communications skills – orally as well as in writing.
  • Be used to dealing with customers and often drive full sales cycles virtually.
  • Have a good understanding of national and local(mental) health dynamics and the challenges it faces.
  • Have a proven record in planning, prioritizing and delivering against a given budget.
  • Take ownership of complex tasks and be a strong self-motivator.
  • Hold a relevant degree in (healthcare) economics, business administration or engineering.
  • Hold a permit to live and work in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • As a person, you strive in a challenging environment, where you have a possibility to see and influence the entirety. You bring a positive mindset and winning attitude, and you see the opportunities in all the things that are not yet in place in a young, growth company compared to an established corporation.

Apply for this exciting position now!
The recruitment process is carried out in collaboration with the consulting company Compass Human Resources Group. If you want to learn more about this position before submitting your application, please do not hesitate to contact Consultant Magnus Bergstrand Wedel on tel.: +45 51 60 72 83. Please submit your application and CV as soon as possible, if you are interested. Applications will be processed on an ongoing basis. Please note that all enquiries will be handled with confidentiality and that we will reply to the email address from which you send your CV.

Monsenso signs agreement to support global pharmaceutical across Europe

Monsenso signs agreement to support global pharmaceutical across Europe

Following a year-long collaboration, Monsenso signs a three-year +10 mio DKK agreement with a global pharmaceutical company.

Monsenso’s mobile health solution will be used for real-world data collection across two studies in connection with the launch of a new drug for depression treatment. The studies are expected to start in the first half of 2021 and will run over a three-year period, covering up to 2250 patients and 120 clinicians across Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden and France.

In connection with the two studies, Monsenso’s solution will be used to collect data from patients and their relatives through clinical questionnaires, daily self-assessments and behavioral data from smartphones and wearables.

In addition, the patients will be offered in-app study information and can receive reminders about medication and consultations with their clinician. Monsenso’s unique mobile health solution will in this way help increase the quality of clinical studies with real-time data collection while also facilitating better communication between patients, caregivers and clinicians.

“We are very pleased to expand our collaboration with this global pharmaceutical company and to participate in these projects. Depression is a leading burden of disease for society, and it has severe consequences for patients and their family caregivers, so we are proud to contribute to solving this problem” says Thomas Lethenborg, CEO of Monsenso. “In addition, the project will support our European expansion and our focus on partnering with pharmaceuticals, which is in line with our strategy”. 

The project will not affect Monsenso’s previously communicated plans and guidance for the 2020 financial year.

To read the Danish version, click here.

For additional information contact:
Bettina van Wylich-Muxoll
Chief Marketing Officer

GoGreen research project helps Monsenso enter new markets

GoGreen research project helps Monsenso enter new markets

GoGreen research project helps Monsenso expanding into new markets. Monsenso is pleased to announce that it is partnering with a pan-European consortium in the Go Green Routes research project supported by the Horizon 2020 programme. The consortium has been granted EUR 10.49 million from the EU to develop innovative solutions that foster mental health and well-being by optimising human-nature interactions for citizens. These innovations will increase the uptake and acceptability of nature-based solutions across the trial cities Burgas, Lahti, Limerick, Tallinn, Umea and Versailles.

Monsenso’s solution will be further developed and used to both encourage green nature-based choices and to monitor citizens’ mental health to help better understand the health impact of nature-based choices for people in cities. Monsenso’s share of the project contribution will be EUR 253.000.

Participating in a project that combines nature-based solutions, green choices and mental health and well-being is very exciting for Monsenso. A lot of focus and investment is going into green solutions and technologies these years, and this could represent a great potential for us. Moreover, the project will expand our international network and help bring the Monsenso solution into new markets”. says Thomas Lethenborg, CEO of Monsenso. 

The project will start in September 2020 and is coordinated by the University of Limerick. The project run for four years and includes 40 partners across 18 countries, among others Mental Health Europe, King’s College London, Technical University Munich, Manchester Metropolitan University and universities in Tallinn, Aachen, Torino, Antwerpen, Versailles and Inland Norway as well as the trial cities.

We envisage that GOGREEN ROUTES will translate cutting edge research into impactful solutions for cities health, mobility and ecology” says Dr Tadhg MacIntyre, lecturer in psychology at the University of Limerick and project lead coordinator.

This project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 framework programme under grant agreement No 869764.

To read the Danish version, click here.

For additional information contact:
Bettina van Wylich-Muxoll
Chief Marketing Officer

GOGREEN ROUTES Project Outline, click here.